How do I access trespasser DLC?

How do I access trespasser DLC?

How do I access trespasser DLC?

Go to the War Room in Skyhold after the final quest to begin the DLC; from there complete the war table operation Attend the Exalted Council. Note: Trespasser represents the end of the game.

Who should drink from the well of sorrows?

Morrigan identifies the Well as the “key” to the resident eluvian and partaking from it will render it useless to Corypheus. She makes no secret of her desire to drink from it, believing that she is the most qualified to preserve its knowledge. Either Morrigan or the Inquisitor can drink from the Well.

How many hours is Trespasser DLC?

In terms of length, Trespasser clocks in at about 6-8 hours, although it took me longer because I spent time re-gearing my party, since half of my companions decided to abandon me (*cough* Blackwall).

How do I start the descent DLC?

Other than that, the only other requirement is that you have 16 Power for the Inquisition. Once you do, go to the War Room and you will find a quest on the Ferelden side of the map called Disaster in the Deep Roads. Begin it, and you will be able to start The Descent DLC.

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Who should I take to fight Corypheus?

Consider bringing two or three mages to this fight for their defensive barrier spells. A warrior with a sword and shield plus taunts will also make this fight easier. Corypheus hits extremely hard and is immune to mostly everything.

What happens if Morrigan drinks from the well of sorrows?

Whoever drinks from the well will hear the voices of Mythal’s servants, and they are the ones who give the drinker knowledge. They are the ones that reveal how to defeat Corypheus and also give the Inquisitor the ability to command a dragon (or Morrigan the knowledge on how to shapeshift into one).

Can Solas drink from the well of sorrows?

Though she begins to suspect Solas at that point, she still believes he loves her deeply and cares about her safety. Since he strongly advises her not to drink it, she decides it’s prudent to heed it. Letting Morrigan drink it will bind a powerful human mage’s service to an elven god.