How did Anne Frank feel about Peter?

How did Anne Frank feel about Peter?

How did Anne Frank feel about Peter?

In her diary, Anne Frank admits she was smitten by a boy named Peter, but in the six decades since, no picture or news of him has come to light – until now. On Friday 7 January 1944, Anne Frank confessed her love for a boy she had been smitten with for years.

What was special about the secret annex?

When there was any danger, the people in hiding often had to flee immediately and look for a new address. It was extremely unusual to hide in one place for a long time as Anne Frank and her family did. After the war, it became clear that some people had spent time in hiding at more than twenty different addresses.

How long does the Anne Frank House take?

about 60 to 80 minutes

How old was Peter Van Daan when she died?

18 years (1926–1945)

Who was hiding in the secret annex?

During WWII, Anne Frank’s family hid in the Secret Annex for over 2 years, with the Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer.

Can you visit the Anne Frank House?

The Anne Frank House online You can still visit this special place from wherever you are. Look around the Secret Annex online and find out more about what happened here or put on your VR glasses and take a virtual stroll through the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her diary.

Is the Anne Frank House Free?

Visitors are welcome, provided that they and their family members have been free of complaints for at least 24 hours; – Pay by bank card or credit card. Tickets are not sold at the door, only online. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

How old was Anne when she went into hiding?

On her thirteenth birthday, just before they went into hiding, Anne was presented with a diary. During the two years in hiding, Anne wrote about events in the Secret Annex, but also about her feelings and thoughts.

Where is Anne Frank’s diary?

Anne Frank’s first diary Anne Frank’s original red-checked diary is on display at the museum.