How can I transfer my primary teacher in Uttar Pradesh?

How can I transfer my primary teacher in Uttar Pradesh?

How can I transfer my primary teacher in Uttar Pradesh?

How to fill UP Primary Teacher Transfer Application form

  1. Visit the official website of UP board.
  2. Then find the link to UP Primary teacher transfer application form.
  3. After then click on the link.
  4. A few minutes UP Primary teacher transfer form will be displayed on your computer.

How many primary teachers are there in Uttar Pradesh?

Related Indicators for Number of Teachers: Uttar Pradesh: Primary School

country/region Last
Number of Teachers: Uttar Pradesh: Primary School (Person) 546,381.000 2015
India Number of Teachers: Primary School (Person) 2,606,120.000 2015
Number of Teachers: Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Primary School (Person) 935.000 2015

How many teachers post vacant in UP?

UP government has announced recruitment for 51000 vacancies. As the UP assembly elections 2022 have come closer, the Yogi government can start the teacher recruitment process for Basic Education Council schools in the month of December. UP government has announced recruitment for 51 thousand vacancies.

How many primary school are there in UP?

Presently, there are 866,361 primary schools, 8,459 higher secondary schools, 758 degree colleges and 26 universities in the state. Some of the oldest educational institutions – founded by the British, the pioneer educationalists and other social/religious reformers – are still functional.

How many primary school teachers are there in India?

Number of primary school teachers in India in FY 2014, by state and union territory*

Characteristic Number of teachers
Uttar Pradesh 546,381
West Bengal 300,391
Madhya Pradesh 223,200
Maharastra 157,865

How many boards are there in Uttar Pradesh?

There is three category of board examination conducted by Uttar Pradesh Education Board. One is for primary school students, next step is for middle school students and the third one is high school exam. The Uttar Pradesh Education Board has a strict speculation with regards to its syllabus.

What is the salary of government teacher in UP?

UP Primary Teacher Salary Structure

Post Primary Teachers 1 to 5
Pay Scale Rs. 9300 to 35400
Grade Pay Rs. 4,200
Total Salary Rs.37000 (approx.)
Pay Level 1

How many teachers are in up government?

According to the ministry, there are 5.80 lakh sanctioned teaching posts for Classes to 1 to 8 out of which only 4.53 lakh have working teachers.

Why are primary school teachers important?

It’s important for a good primary teacher to encourage pupils and help them improve in all areas. They need have the confidence to stick at things that they may initially find difficult. The best primary school teachers tap into the natural enthusiasm that most children have at that age with engaging lesson plans.

How many teachers are there in India in 2021?

With approximately 9.7 million teachers currently teaching in India, the report attempts to provide an understanding of the key aspects of the teaching profession.

How many teachers are there in India 2020?

The 2020-21 data will be released in 2022. The total number of teachers in 2019-20 was 9.68 million, an increase of more than 250,000 over total teachers in 2018-19, the annual government estimate showed. This growth in teachers’ number is a positive sign as it increases the pupil-teacher ratio (PTR).