How can I keep my hair healthy after rebonding?

How can I keep my hair healthy after rebonding?

How can I keep my hair healthy after rebonding?

How to Take Care of Your Hair After Rebonding

  1. Tips for Taking Precautions after Hair Rebonding.
  2. Avoid Hot Water.
  3. Condition your Hair.
  4. Use Clarifying Shampoo.
  5. Use Wide Teethed Comb.
  6. Avoid Tying your Hair and Hair Dryer.
  7. Have a Balanced Diet.
  8. Avoid Changing your Hair Style (NOTE: Haircut trim is not equivalent to Hair Styling)

What can I do for frizzy hair after rebonding?

How To Fix Damaged Hair After Rebonding

  1. Cut off your strands. Alright, we know, this sounds too cruel to all hair lovers out there.
  2. Deep-moisturize your strands often.
  3. Always apply hair serum and sunscreen.
  4. Go for regular smoothing treatments.
  5. Use hair extensions.

Which oil is best for Rebonded hair?

Use coconut oil and olive oil mixture: Oiling your hair regularly is another important way to pamper your hair and also take care of your hair after rebonding. Coconut oil contains fatty acids which nourish the scalp and hair deeply while olive oil helps to prevent any infection on the scalp.

How can I make my hair thick after rebonding?

To make an avocado and vitamin E hair mask, blend some avocado and oil from vitamin E pill together and make a thick paste. To bind everything together, you may also use some olive oil which gives a lot of benefits as well. Keep this hair mask on for about 20-30 minutes before rinsing off.

What conditioner should I use after rebonding?

Use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Serum Conditioner. Aside from being formulated with KERA10 Protein Complex, this conditioner also has oleo serum, so your hair gets extra nourishment and moisture. Use this after shampooing your hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Shampoo for best results.

Can I use keratin conditioner after rebonding?

Question: Is it okay to wash my hair instead of using conditioner after rebonding my hair three days ago? I am going to use Keratin treatment. Answer: Yes.

How can I deep condition my hair?

How to deep condition at home

  1. Shampoo first, only if necessary. “If your scalp isn’t dirty or oily, then you can rinse and skip the shampoo before your deep conditioner,” she says.
  2. Apply based on your hair type.
  3. Comb it out.
  4. Follow the instructions.
  5. Rinse with cool water.

What is the difference between conditioner and deep conditioner?

Conditioning is typically done in the shower with a thinner conditioning shampoo, while deep conditioning is usually done at a salon with a thick conditioning product. Everyday conditioner is room temperature, and applied for less than five minutes, and deep conditioner can be applied for between 10-30 minutes.

Do you condition after deep conditioner?

I use daily conditioners to detangle before I shampoo. Hi,It is not compulsory to use a conditioner after shampooing if you are planning to go in for deep conditioning. Even if you condition you hair there is no problem at but after condition use a deep conditioner. This Q&A section is soo last year…

Does deep conditioner replace conditioner?

A deep conditioner, or a conditioning mask, can be used in place of a conditioner after shampoo. “It will not only stabilize the hair’s pH, but work to rebuild compromised protein structure, increase hair’s elasticity and enhance moisture retention overall,” says Stenson.

What comes first conditioner or deep conditioner?

Apply your regular conditioner before your deep conditioner if your hair is very damaged. Rinse out the products thoroughly and gently pat your hair so it’s not dripping. Comb your hair so it’s free of any tangles. Apply your deep conditioning mask, starting at the ends and working up your hair.