How big is Pluto vs Australia?

How big is Pluto vs Australia?

How big is Pluto vs Australia?

Space expert Jonathan Nally confirmed that Australia-which measures about 4,000 km wide-is almost twice the size of the diameter of Pluto, which is only 2,370 km across.

How many miles is Pluto size?

1,473 miles
NASA’s New Horizons mission has answered one of the most basic questions about Pluto—its size. Mission scientists have found Pluto to be 1,473 miles (2,370 kilometers) in diameter, somewhat larger than many prior estimates.

How far out is Pluto AU?

39.5 astronomical units
A dwarf planet also is much smaller than a planet, but it is not a moon because a dwarf planet orbits the sun. On average, Pluto is a distance of 39.5 astronomical units, or AU, from the sun.

What country is Pluto bigger than?

Pluto comes in as large as 3.3% of the surface of planet Earth. The largest country by land mass on Earth is Russia. It is 17,098,322 square kilometers or 6,601,699 square miles. Pluto has a land mass of just 16,647,940 square kilometers or 6,430,000 square miles.

Is Pluto smaller than Russia?

Russia has a bigger surface area than Pluto. Pluto’s surface area is 16.7 million square kilometers. Russia’s surface area is 17,098,242 sq km.

Is Pluto bigger than Mercury?

In case you’re wondering, though, Mercury is still significantly larger than the dwarf planet Pluto: Pluto’s equatorial diameter is just 2,302 km, about half Mercury’s width.

Is there sunlight on Pluto?

Pluto orbits on the fringes of our solar system, billions of miles away. Sunlight is much weaker there than it is here on Earth, yet it isn’t completely dark. In fact, for just a moment near dawn and dusk each day, the illumination on Earth matches that of high noon on Pluto.

Is it possible to live in Pluto?

As such, there is simply no way life could survive on the surface of Pluto. Between the extreme cold, low atmospheric pressure, and constant changes in the atmosphere, no known organism could survive. However, that does not rule out the possibility of life being found inside the planet.

What country is as big as the moon?

Although the Moon is about as wide as Australia, it is actually much bigger when you think in terms of surface area. It turns out the surface of the Moon is much larger than that of Australia. The land area of Australia is some 7.69 million square kilometers.