How are Morlocks described?

How are Morlocks described?

How are Morlocks described?

The Morlocks are meant to be the villains of the story, they are terrifying creatures that reside underground feasting on the peaceful Eloi, the time traveller describes them as ‘inhuman’, ‘vermin’, and likens them to rats.

What do the Morlocks represent in the time machine?

The Time Machine Symbols. In The Time Machine, darkness is directly associated with the evil Morlocks (as they can only see in the dark), and light is associated with the benevolent Eloi, who live in the sunlight.

How H. G. Wells Morlocks might be described?

Morlocks are humanoid creatures, said to have descended from humans, but by the 8,028th century have evolved into a completely different species, said to be better suited to their subterranean habitat. They are described as “ape-like”, with little or no clothing, large eyes and grey fur covering their bodies.

How are the Eloi described?

With all their needs and desires perfectly fulfilled, the Eloi have slowly become dissolute and naive: they are described as smaller than modern humans, with shoulder-length curly hair, pointed chins, large eyes, small ears, small mouths with bright red thin lips, and sub-human intelligence.

How are the Eloi described in The Time Machine?

The Eloi are humanlike creatures who are small, unintelligent, uncurious, weak, and also, importantly, benevolent and happy. They are the evolutionary descendants of the British elite, who exploited the British poor for so long that the poor evolved into a race of humanoids called the Morlocks.

Do the Morlocks eat the Eloi?

Owing to vestigial impulse, the Morlocks still feed and clothe the Eloi, their once masters—thus the silk garments, the tables heaped with fruit—but they also harvest and eat them.

What do Eloi and Morlocks represent?

This is central to the Time Traveller’s theory that the Eloi are descended from the idle rich and the Morlocks from the working poor. The Eloi-Morlock ecology is the centerpiece of the novel’s interest in how social class evolves over time: those on top now may find themselves on the bottom later.

How are the Eloi and Morlocks different?

The Eloi are happy, carefree people who live above the earth’s surface, eating fruit and basking in the sun, while the Morlocks lurk in the underground and shadows, hiding from light and only venturing out of their dark habitats to capture and feed on the Eloi race.

How does the time traveler seem to feel about the Eloi and the Morlocks?

The Time Traveller sees the Eloi as a weak, lazy, and unintelligent race evolved from the aristocratic upper class. He also calls them childish in both their appearance and behavior. In contrast, he views the Morlocks as an ugly but industrious race who have evolved from the servant or working class.