Freelancing as it is – Dissertations for the Lazy

Freelancing as it is – Dissertations for the Lazy

Demand has increased recently on freelance writers. This phenomenon is due to globalization, which let people from different countries connect with each other and cooperate. Freelance writing gains momentum also because of availability of all types of experts in one freelance platform, so one does not have to search forever through friends and family or monitor many confusing sites trying to at least get a contact of an expert. All you have to do now to get dissertation help is to place an order on some popular freelance platform and wait for a response. Usually, it takes but a few minutes for someone to answer.

In the case of dissertation writing there are some points to consider:

  1. It is a huge long-term project, so it will take time to accomplish (from 3 to 8 months mostly, especially when a single freelancer is doing this job), so it must be ordered timely;
  2. Research theme may sometimes be narrow so either you would look for a proper performer very long or it would just cost you more money for complexity;
  3. As your dissertation has to be defended, you would need to study it anyway after completing; otherwise, you won’t be able to answer the commission’s questions.

So what the dissertation writing is for a former freelancer? Let’s find out.

The clients

Usually, the clients with dissertation request are the students, who had already studied for a year or more. They could have misfortune with their academic supervisor, as they don’t always treat postgraduates attentively. A student is often left alone in thesis writing. Considering, that any student needs to pay for their living, he has to combine work and writing, which is hard to do. There are also people who were forced to go to grad school by their parents and clients who only want a dissertation for their career promotion.

Terms and prices

If a freelancer has a certain knowledge base on the chosen topic and is able to look for information and separate qualitative from poor-quality (it all depends on personal characteristics and experience), the writing normally takes half a year, where three months may take the literature reading and theme research. Some writers may also be working on multiple projects, so it is always good to define deadlines.

Prices variation is wide, so it makes no sense of giving any specific numbers. It is worth saying that larger cities have larger pricing. The average dissertation may cost about 1500 USD, but the freelance market does not have any defined course of prices, so it is always possible to find a contractor which will agree on the lower price (not always at the expense of quality).

Sometimes a freelancer may ask you to pay in advance (or to pay a half directly). That does not mean that they want to escape with your money, it is just a precaution measure to make sure that your intentions are serious and you won’t change your mind in the middle of the project. You should also know that giving you all the written material piece by piece is not what freelancer does unless it has been fully paid. You may ask the list of references and abstracts at most just to present them to the faculty.

Sources of information

As dissertations are always written meticulously, one might think that a freelancer is some kind of CIA agent who has access to secret information and military researches. But the majority of writers are simple people working from their laptops from home and surfing the net in search of information, some of them even attend a library in that purpose. One way or another, but the reliability of information and correctness of calculations are what the writer is in response, as well as the uniqueness of the work.

Freelance dissertation writing properties

Even if it is convenient to let someone else worry about your dissertation but there are controversial issues about it:

  1. Freelancer is not always qualified academic writer. Basically, he can only operate laymen’s terms in certain fields of studying;
  2. There is no rigorous quality control by a writer (or a detailed plagiarism report);
  3. You will still have to read a lot of devoted literature and examine the whole structure of your thesis to be able to defend it.