Does Sprint have a phone for children?

Does Sprint have a phone for children?

Does Sprint have a phone for children?

Sprint today announced the launch its new kid-friendly Sprint WeGo phone, a low-cost starter device for ages 5 to 12 that offers plenty of parental controls and tracking features.

Does Sprint support gizmo?

WatchMeGo can be purchased at a Sprint store, on or by calling 866-275-1411. Where does WatchMeGo work? WatchMeGo works on the Sprint LTE network only. Click here to see the coverage map.

What is the best kids watch phone?

Compare the best smartwatches for kids

Watch Best for Video calling
TickTalk 4 Best overall Yes
Angel Watch Best for SOS calls Yes
Verizon GizmoWatch 2 Budget pick No
Xplora X5 Play Best for active play No

Does Sprint have a family plan?

Sprint’s family cell phone plan. You can have up to five lines on a family plan and save $5 per line when you opt for automatic payments. Promotions may knock the price down even more, but only for the first year. You can mix and match unlimited plans to fit your family’s needs.

How can I find my Sprint phone?

Sign in to your Google account. Go to the official Android platform. Find your phone on the list of connected devices and click on it. Look at the map to get an approximate location.

What age is a child smart watch for?

What age should a child have a smartwatch? Each watch comes with its own recommendation, but the general consensus is that smartwatches can be beneficial for kids from ages four and up.

What smartwatch is good for a 10 year old?

Best All-Around Smartwatch for Kids: Apple Watch SE It has every single feature you can possibly imagine, and with Family Setup, parents can check their kid’s location, set up personalized activity goals, and set school-time hours where the watch’s functionality is limited.

Do smartwatches require data plans?

Normal smartwatches and GPS watches can function without a data plan. They use your phone’s data instead. On the other hand, standalone smartwatches have cellular connectivity and hence, require a data plan.

How much is a Sprint unlimited family plan?

Sprint offers three core family plans: Unlimited Plus Family Plan ($140/month for 4 lines) Unlimited Basic Family Plan ($60/month) Unlimited Premium Family Plan ($80/month)