Does OU make a long u sound?

Does OU make a long u sound?

Does OU make a long u sound?

OO and OU Vowel Teams OO can be in any part of the word while ou making the long u sound is usually in the middle of a word.

Does OU make a short u sound?

LO: To spell words with a short ‘u’ sound, spelt ‘ou’. Sometimes, words spelt with ‘ou’ in them, are actually pronounced with a ‘u’ sound. For example: The word enough. The ‘ou’ is pronounced ‘u’.

What are the 4 sounds of OU?

The Four Sounds of the Spelling OU

  • 1. / ow/ as in found. about, house, shout, mouse, count, loud, sound, hound.
  • long o as in four. pour, course, court, gourd, mourn, fourth.
  • 3. / oo/ as in you. your, tour, crouton, group, coup.
  • 4. / uh/ as in country. cousin, double.

What sound can ou make?

OU has two sounds. To help our students remember these sounds, we use the key phrase “Trout Soup” because it can say /ow/ like in trout and /oo/ like in soup. The visual of fish soup is one the students don’t forget very easily!

Does cute have a long u sound?

The first Long U sound is the same as its name (the “u” in cute).

Is OU short or long?

Spelling and Pronunciation: OU

Pronunciation Examples
short U rough, tough, enough, country, young
short O bought, fought, sought, cough
Long O though, dough, thorough, four, pour, tour, soul
Long U through, route*

Is OU short or long vowel?

The ‘Long Vowel’ Sounds The /oa,(ǝƱ)/ sound found in the words: boat, hotel, toe and bone. The /oi,(ɔI)/ sound found in the words: boy, coin and buoy. The /ow,(aƱ)/ sound found in the words: owl, house, drought and hour.

Why is country spelled with OU?

Often, /aʊ/ comes from Middle English /uː/ and /ʌ/ comes from Middle English /u/. These are long and short versions respectively of “the same” vowel. In historical languages related to French, the sound /u/ could be written as “o”, “u” or “ou”, more or less interchangeably.

Is OU a short or long vowel?

What are the OU words?

Words with OU saying “ow!”

devout discount doubt
doughty dour dropout
drought dumfound OR dumbfound (either spelling is right) enshroud
espouse expound flounder
flour flout found

What are ou words?

Words with OU saying “ow!”

miscount pronounce mispronounce
sound sour souse
spout sprout stout
thou thousand tousle
trousers trout vouch

What are some OU words?

What are some ‘ou’ sound words?

  • Count.
  • Found.
  • South.
  • House.
  • Mouse.
  • Cloud.
  • Mouth.
  • Bounce.