Does Mini Cooper 2010 have aux?

Does Mini Cooper 2010 have aux?

Does Mini Cooper 2010 have aux?

The 2007 to 2010 Mini Coopers all come with auxiliary inputs on the stereo that allow you to connect a number of different components. You can listen to MP3s in the Mini Cooper using a number of techniques, depending on whether you use an iPod, USB drive or other MP3 player.

How do I use the aux in my Mini Cooper?

USB/AUX Port To achieve this connection, simply plug a USB or auxiliary cord into your phone with the other end plugged into the correct port. In seconds you’ve paired your smartphone to your MINI Cooper vehicle.

Does a 2009 Mini Cooper have an aux?

You can get a USB port for an iPod and Bluetooth for a phone as an a la carte option, or with the Convenience package, but our 2009 Mini Cooper Convertible came with none, our only solace being the auxiliary input that Mini includes standard.

Is there a USB port in a Mini Cooper?

It’s USB-C in both on the back and one in front. Only a regular usb under the air con, but it doesn’t charge, it’s just for a PEN or connect a phone to radio…

Does a 2010 MINI Cooper have Bluetooth?

Not only do MINI Coopers have Bluetooth, but the process of connecting your phone to your MINI Cooper is super simple. Here’s how to pair your phone to your car using Bluetooth: Open the “Setup” option in the home menu. Select the “Settings” button.

Does 2008 MINI Cooper have aux input?

The aux input is standard on all of the R56 cars. The USB is an option and is part of the Bluetooth hence not stand alone.

Does Mini Cooper 2007 have Bluetooth?

The MINI is equipped with a Bluetooth phone preparation, Navigation system and iPod harness.

Where is the AUX IN MINI Cooper 2012?

The aux socket is a 3.5mm jack socket & is located underneath the centre console, just under all the electric window switches etc, if you run your fingers underneath you will find it.