Does MacCready have bad teeth?

Does MacCready have bad teeth?

Does MacCready have bad teeth?

Premium membership donations accepted. Poor MacCready is a young lad that’s had a hard life, and his teeth aren’t in the best shape.

Does MacCready love anything?

MacCready likes when the Sole Survivor steals things. MacCready likes it if the Sole Survivor picks a lock that is owned. MacCready likes using most special dialogue options that require Charisma, only if one lies, threatens, or asks for more money though.

How old is MacCready fo4?

22 year old
Though notoriously foul-mouthed and belligerent in his younger years, the 22 year old MacCready is far more reserved and polite.

What does MacCready not like?

MacCready’s Dislikes Donating items and murdering will also lower MacCready’s affinity level. If the player steals from certain locations, such as the VIP room of the Third Rail, and gets caught, or commands MacCready to steal items in Goodneighbor, he will become hostile and leave the player’s company.

What does MacCready like and dislike Fallout 4?

As a mercenary, MacCready likes it when you ask people for more money for quests, and criminal activity like picking owned locks. Due to his backstory, which we’re not going to spoil for you here, he also likes you helping out children and parents, and throwing in a bit of sarcasm here and there also helps.

How old is Codsworth?

Codsworth – Assuming that he was only powered on for a few months before the bombs went off, Codsworth is about 210 years old, and still never learned how to polish rust 🙁 Codsworth is 210 years old. Curie – Most Vaults had been finished by 2063, The bombs fell in 2077.

What weapon does MacCready use?

MacCready: . 50 Sniper Rifle/Semi-Auto Assault Rifle. Nick Valentine: Western Revolver/44. Revolver.

How do I get MacCready to like me?

MacCready also likes it if you pick owned locks. That’s independent of stealing things, so you can get two likes in places like Diamond City or Goodneighbour. Another way is to start side quests and ask for money.