Do you get video questions in theory test?

Do you get video questions in theory test?

Do you get video questions in theory test?

From 14 April 2020, the way in which learner drivers take the theory test changed. Now, candidates will watch a short video before answering three multiple-choice questions, which relate to things like hazard awareness and the rules of the road.

How do I pass my theory test 2022 UK?

12 Tips to Pass Your Driving Theory Test in 2022

  1. Review the Highway Code.
  2. Book Your Theory Test.
  3. Study Ahead of Time.
  4. Practise Makes Perfect.
  5. Try Taking a Mock Theory Test.
  6. Make Sure You Have Your Provisional Licence.
  7. Practise While on the Road.
  8. Relax and Be Confident.

Is the theory test changing in 2021?

Temporary change to how far in advances tests can be booked At the moment, you can book a theory test up to 4 months in advance. This will be slashed to just 2 months when the DVSA switches over to a new test booking system (more on that in one moment).

Can I sit my Theory Test online?

Here’s what you need to qualify for an online theory test in the first place: A PC desktop computer or laptop with Windows 8 or above installed. Alas, phones, tablets/iPads and Apple Macs can’t be used. A webcam and microphone so you can be monitored before and during the test.

How do I pass my Theory Test uk 2021?

Top tips on how to pass your theory test

  1. Book a theory test date with enough time to practice.
  2. Brush up on the Highway Code.
  3. Practice the hazard perception test.
  4. Take a mock theory test.
  5. Get out on the road.
  6. Treat your theory test like any other exam.
  7. Take care with the multiple-choice part of the theory test.

Can I take my theory test in another language 2021?

The government is removing the option to take a driving test in any language other than English, Welsh or British sign language. From 7 April 2014 you won’t be allowed to: take a theory test with a foreign language voiceover. use a foreign language interpreter for your theory or practical test.