Do leopard print and red go together?

Do leopard print and red go together?

Do leopard print and red go together?

Wearing a leopard print coat with red is one of my go-to style choices when I’m looking for a quick and easy look, while still being glam and stylish, as the beauty about leopard print is that it doesn’t matter really what you wear underneath, however, when you add red it just adds a little more wow factor, especially …

Does red go with animal print?

Animal print pairs especially well with red.

What goes good with a leopard print dress?

Generally, neutral colours such as black, brown and rust are the best to wear with leopard print, while black are white are both failsafe options. Avoid wearing bright primary colours unless the leopard pattern is in a similar colour hue.

What patterns go well with leopard print?

Mix zebra with checkered, polka dots, florals and other stripes. Pair leopard or cheetah with plaid, paisley or ikat.

Does leopard print go with pink?

The fashion world often just prefers to really go for it when wearing the on-trend animal print—pairing the animal print with equally eye-catching pink separates. That’s right, like peanut butter and jelly or Ross and Rachel, leopard and pink just seem to go hand in hand right now. It really does make perfect sense.

Does leopard print go with gray?

Playing it Safe // Beginner. Your go-to leopard print pieces: Belt, flats (or loafers, mules, etc.) Colors to wear: Neutrals—black, browns, grays, cream, beige, etc.

Does Burgundy go with leopard print?

Burgundy/Dark Red Outfit This color is a classic fall/holiday pairing with leopard print. It can look festive if you want it to, but it’s still totally wearable for everyday, especially if you stick to a darker red/burgundy rather than a Christmas-y red.

Does leopard print go with burgundy?

How do you wear leopard print without looking trashy?

10 Tips for Wearing Leopard Print Without Going Wild

  1. Add leopard print as a tiny accent on an otherwise clean and simple outfit.
  2. Treat leopard print like a neutral and use it that way in your outfits.
  3. Beware of being over zealous with leopard print.
  4. Leopard print always pops against a simple t-shirt and jeans.

Can you mix cheetah prints?

Did you know that you can mix animal prints? Yea, it’s true. And I promise it’s totally doable without being completely ridiculous.