Are there any new songs on Faces?

Are there any new songs on Faces?

Are there any new songs on Faces?

The tracklist of Faces normally contains 25 songs. The version that is set to appear on Spotify, Apple Music, and more will feature 26, with a previously unreleased song titled “Yeah” that is listed as the final song after “Grand Finale.”

Who wrote the faces songs?


Title Year Recorded Songwriter(s)
Flying 1969 Lane/Stewart/Wood
Gasoline Alley 1970 Stewart/Wood
Glad and Sorry 1972 Lane
Had Me a Real Good Time 1971 Lane/Stewart/Wood

Who sang in Faces?

Faces are an English rock band formed in 1969 by members of Small Faces after lead singer/guitarist Steve Marriott left that group to form Humble Pie.

Will there ever be a new Mac Miller album?

Circles, Mac Miller’s posthumous final album, was released in January 2020, completed by producer and collaborator Jon Brion. Reminisce about the good ol’ days with “Colors and Shapes” and see the full track list for Faces below.

Did Ronnie Wood play with Rod Stewart?

Ronnie Wood, also known as Ron Wood or ‘Woody’, is one of the most distinguished musicians in rock music history. Prior to Wood having been a member of The Rolling Stones for nearly fifty years, he was also famously the lead guitarist of Faces with Rod Stewart, as well as the Jeff Beck Group.

Why did Steve Marriott leave Small Faces?

The Small Faces / Faces Lead singer Steve Marriott became frustrated with the Small Faces’ perceived limitations, and left the band on the last day of 1968. His fellow Small Faces soon disbanded.

Where are the Small Faces now?

Cambridge, England
Currently, he lives in Cambridge, England, and works with Kenney Jones in “The Jones Gang”. Jimmy McCulloch’s stint with Small Faces only lasted for a few months in late 1977. Shortly after leaving, he started a band called Wild Horses with Brian Robertson, Jimmy Bain and Kenney Jones.