Are Sprite Caravans any good?

Are Sprite Caravans any good?

Are Sprite Caravans any good?

Toward the rear of the van, there is some natural light restriction but overall this is a comfortable and solid caravan. At this price, you get Truma onboard and other top brands like Thetford, so it is a great van for the money you’ll spend.

Who manufactures Sprite Caravans?

The U.K. based company Cosalt bought the brand rights, launching smaller and more efficient Sprite vans, but during the 90’s, they sold the touring caravan arm of their business to Swift Leisure.

Are Sprite Caravans made by Swift?

The Swift Sprite Caravan Range was completely redesigned in 2018 with stunning results, creating a more upmarket feel that has revolutionised entry level caravanning. For the 2020 season the Sprite range has been enhanced even further with a revamped interior and a contemporary exterior graphics scheme.

How heavy is a Sprite caravan?

Product Specification

Layouts Sprite Alpine 2 Sprite Quattro FB
Weight (MTPLM) 1218 1630
Weight (MRO) 1097 1450
Bed Sizes Sprite Alpine 2 Sprite Quattro FB
Front double 202cm x 180cm / 6’8″ x 5’11”

Where are Sprite Caravans made?

The next decade, the 1970s was gonna be a different story for Sprite, because caravans now were being produced in Italy, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, but also, Sam as everybody wants to do in business, or show business, wants to conquer the States.

What is the Swift Diamond Pack?

The Diamond Pack is a special value optional extra, available on selected Swift caravan models to help you customise your caravan to your needs. The pack includes: Integrated DAB radio. ‘Edge’ alloy wheels.

What is the smallest Sprite caravan?

The Sprite Scout is the smallest in the Sprite range, but with the hatch bed open it offers generous living space. This caravan is lightweight and packed full of features.

What is the Mtplm of my caravan?

Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM): The Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM), normally applied to a caravan. Actual weight: The weight of the caravan loaded as you tow it on the road. This must not exceed the MAM or MTPLM, as inscribed on the weight plate of the caravan.

Are Swift Caravans good quality?

Swift Caravans are good models, of excellent quality and are designed for relaxed family travel. This company is one of the largest manufacturers of campervans in the UK. Swift Group Limited manufactures a variety of RV and caravan models under the Swift and Swift brands.

What is the difference between MRO and Mtplm?

The MTPLM is the Maximum Technically Permitted Laden Mass. This is the maximum weight that the caravan can be loaded to. The MTPLM can be found on a plate fixed to the caravan, usually near the door. The MRO is the Mass in Running Order.

Is Mtplm the same as Mam?

MTPLM. This is another term for MAM most commonly used by caravan manufacturers / dealers.