Who plays Joey Vitolo in Hannah Montana?

Who plays Joey Vitolo in Hannah Montana?

Who plays Joey Vitolo in Hannah Montana?

Joey Fatone
In order to give Hannah a signed baseball that belonged to Jackson and that she had destroyed, he forces her to sing in his restaurant because his daughter is a huge Hannah Montana fan. Joey Vitolo only appears in the episode Bye Bye Ball. He is portrayed by Joey Fatone.

What episode of Hannah Montana is Joey Fatone on?

Bye Bye Ball

Bye Bye Ball
Season 2, Episode 21
Air Date January 13, 2008
Guest cast Joey Fatone Juliette Goglia
Previous I Will Always Loathe You

What baseball player was in Hannah Montana?

Joey Fatone As Joey Vitolo In an episode titled “Bye Bye Ball” after N*SYNC’s hit “Bye Bye Bye,” Joey Fatone plays a cocky baseball player that drags Hannah Montana into performing with him at his restaurant in return for a signed baseball for her brother.

Was Joey Fatone a baseball player?

He is nicknamed “Fat One”, as a pun on his last name, in reference to his size compared with other N’Sync members who were not built as heavy. Joey Fatone is an ex baseball player.

Is Joey Vitolo a real baseball player?

He is best known as a member of the boyband NSYNC, in which he sang baritone….Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr.

Joey Fatone
Born January 28, 1977 Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.
Origin Orlando, Florida, U.S.
Genres Pop

Who is Uncle Earl in Hannah Montana?

David Koechner
Earl Ray Stewart

Earl Stewart (Uncle Earl)
Series Information
First seen: (We’re So Sorry) Uncle Earl
Last seen: Miley Says Goodbye?
Portrayer: David Koechner

How did Joey Fatone get famous?

Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr. (born January 28, 1977) is an American singer, dancer, actor, and television personality. He is best known as a member of the boyband NSYNC, in which he sang baritone. In 2007, he came in second place on the ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars.

How many episodes of Hannah Montana is Dolly Parton in?

Dolly plays ‘Aunt Dolly’ on Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana’ Dolly’s first appearance was in the season one episode “Good Golly Miss Dolly” in 2006. Her last appearance was in the season four episode “Kiss it all Goodbye” in 2010. She also appeared in the season two episode “I Will Always Loathe You.”

Did Joey Fatone win Dancing With the Stars?

Dancing with the Stars 4 He placed second, losing the mirrorball to Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough.

Who are Joey Fatone’s children?

Briahna Joely Fatone
Kloey Alexandra Fatone
Joey Fatone/Children

How old is Miley Cyrus in Season 3 of Hannah Montana?

Miley starred on Hannah Montana from 2006 to 2011 and she was 18 when the show aired its final episode. ‘Wherever I Go’, which is a reference to Hannah Montana’s song of the same name, was the last and 98th episode of the Disney Channel show.