Who owns the Harold Pinter Theatre?

Who owns the Harold Pinter Theatre?

Who owns the Harold Pinter Theatre?

Ambassador Theatre Group
Harold Pinter Theatre

Owner Ambassador Theatre Group
Designation Grade II
Type West End theatre
Capacity 796 (1,186 originally)

What was the previous name of the Harold Pinter Theatre?

the Royal Comedy Theatre
The Harold Pinter Theatre opened in 1881 as the Royal Comedy Theatre and staged hugely successful shows, such as The Rocky Horror Show’s West End debut. The name changed in 2011 to The Harold Pinter Theatre in honour of Pinter’s work for the Comedy Theatre.

How big is the Harold Pinter Theatre?

The stage of the Harold Pinter Theatre is 6.55m (21ft 6in) deep with a proscenium opening of 7.47m (24ft 6in) and a grid height of 11.89m.

How old is the Harold Pinter Theatre?

141The Harold Pinter Theatre / Age (c. 1881)

Where is the stage door Harold Pinter Theatre?

Stage Door / Admin The Harold Pinter Theater (formerly The Comedy Theater), is a London West End theater, and opened on Panton Street in the City of Westminster on 15 October 1881. It was known then as the Royal Comedy Theater.

When did Harold Pinter won Nobel?

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2005 was awarded to Harold Pinter “who in his plays uncovers the precipice under everyday prattle and forces entry into oppression’s closed rooms.”

When was the Harold Pinter Theatre built?

15 Oct. 1881
The Harold Pinter Theatre opened on 15 Oct. 1881 as a comic opera house. Designed by Thomas Verity, it took six months to build.. Built on four levels, the top three took on a horseshoe shape around the stalls, and the auditorium featured 14 boxes on each side of the stage.

Where is Harold Pinter buried?

Kensal Green Cemetery, London, United KingdomHarold Pinter / Place of burial

Is Harold Pinter alive?

December 24, 2008Harold Pinter / Date of death

Where is Anthony Trollope buried?

Kensal Green Cemetery, London, United KingdomAnthony Trollope / Place of burial

When was Harold Pinter born?

October 10, 1930Harold Pinter / Date of birth
Harold Pinter, (born Oct. 10, 1930, London, Eng. —died Dec. 24, 2008, London), English playwright, who achieved international renown as one of the most complex and challenging post-World War II dramatists.

What did Trollope invent?

Trollope invented the postbox. Born in 1815, Trollope worked for the Post Office for 33 years until his retirement in 1867 – by which time he was making so much money from his writing that he could afford to live by his pen full-time.