Who knocked down Prince Naseem Hamed?

Who knocked down Prince Naseem Hamed?

Who knocked down Prince Naseem Hamed?

Alicea beat the count but Hamed was all over him. Naz smelled blood and poured it on, looking for the finish. Alicea was still game, throwing punches back as he was stuck on the ropes, but Hamed would not be denied.

Who did Marco Antonio Barrera lose to?

In February 2000, Barrera was defeated by the WBC super bantamweight title holder Erik Morales by a controversial 12 round split decision. It was an intense battle in which both fighters were cut and battered. The Ring named it the fight of the year.

What happened to the boxer Prince Naseem?

The former British boxer retired in 2002 following chronic problems with his hands and has seemingly enjoyed life out of the ring, now a long way from his featherweight years.

What weight did Naz fight?

BantamweightSuper bantamweight
Naseem Hamed/Division

Who won Pacquiao Barrera 3?

Pacquiao defeated Barrera via unanimous decision. Two judges scored the bout 118–109, whereas the third scored it 115–112. Barrera briefly retired after the fight and returned over a year later in November 2008 to face Sammy Ventura.

Is Prince Naseem the best boxer?

As of October 2020, BoxRec ranks Hamed as the 19th greatest European pound-for-pound boxer of all time and the seventh greatest British fighter of all time. In 2016, ESPN ranked Hamed at number 22 on its list of the top 25 fighters, pound for pound, of the last 25 years.

Who is the best featherweight boxer?

1. Willie Pep: The all-time king of the featherweights, the amazing “Will O’The Wisp” put together an incredible 229 pro wins against only eleven defeats, with all of those victories at 126 pounds.

What Is Naseem Hamed worth?

By March 1999, his net worth was an estimated £38 million. By January 2001, Hamed had reportedly amassed a fortune of £50 million ($75,746,700). He earned over $48.5 million from fight purses, including $8.5 million from his fight against Barrera.