Who is the mayor of Glen Innes?

Who is the mayor of Glen Innes?

Who is the mayor of Glen Innes?

Mayor Carol Sparks
Cr Sparks is the current Mayor of Glen Innes Severn Council. She was elected to Glen Innes Severn Council in September 2016, where she held the position of Deputy Mayor from September 2016 to September 2018.

What council area is Glen Innes?

Welcome to Glen Innes Severn Council Glen Innes Severn Council covers an area of 5,487 sq. km, and is located in the beautiful New England area of N.S.W., servicing the town of Glen Innes and villages of Deepwater, Emmaville, Glencoe and Red Range.

Who is in Glen Innes LGA?

Glen Innes Severn LGA is located within the Federal Seat of New England, and the State Seat of the Northern Tablelands. The original inhabitants of the area were the Ngoorabul people.

What is the population of Glen Innes?

The 2020 Estimated Residential Population (ERP) is 8,873. This represents a decrease from the 2016 ERP of 8,934, or 61 persons. The annualised growth rate from 2016-2020 was -0.17%, compared to 1.38% for New South Wales.

Is Glen Innes part of Armidale LGA?

Glen Innes Severn is a local government area in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia….Glen Innes Severn.

Glen Innes Severn New South Wales
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LGAs around Glen Innes Severn: Inverell Tenterfield Clarence Valley Inverell Glen Innes Severn Clarence Valley Armidale Armidale Clarence Valley

Who named Glen Innes?

Archibald Mosman
The Gaelic word “inis” means “island formed by two branches of a stream”. It was through the efforts of Archibald Mosman (after whom the Sydney suburb is named) that the town became known as Glen Innes.

Is Glen Innes NSW a good place to live?

The locals are welcoming and friendly. The climate is wonderful, and the life style very laid-back and enjoyable. Easy access to national parks, fishing spots and gem fossiking.

Why is Glen Innes so cold?

As for the topography of the Glen Innes Ap area, it appears to be quite a wide, flat area with the AWS being at one of the lower points. About 1km to the west though, the land is about 30m lower than the station so it could get even colder in the lowest creeks around the Airport.

Is Glen Innes a good place to invest?

GLEN INNES now ranks at the 866th place on a list of fastest growing suburbs in the territory. Figures from the previous quarter show that capital gains for real estate buyers in GLEN INNES are low, as opposed to average gains per annum over the past five years.

How high is Glen Innes NSW?

3,484′Glen Innes / Elevation

What is the coldest town in NSW?

The 6742 residents of Cooma, in southern NSW, are used to rugging up – the town experiences an average temperature of -2.9 degrees Celsius in winter.

Does Glen Innes get snow?

Glen Innes experienced its biggest snow fall for many years over the weekend with locals and tourists alike enjoying the winter wonderland.