Who is more powerful Captain Atom or Superman?

Who is more powerful Captain Atom or Superman?

Who is more powerful Captain Atom or Superman?

His only weakness is overuse of his powers, which can substantially affect his ability to maintain a solid form. In a fair fight, Captain Atom would annihilate Superman. Whether he uses brute strength, nuclear energy, or reality manipulation, Captain Atom is practically unstoppable.

Is Captain Atom Superman?

Creators. Captain Allen Adam is Captain Atom, the Quantum Superman of Earth 4.

Is Captain Atom apart of the Justice League?

Captain Atom, real name Captain Nathaniel Adams, was a powerful, stoic superhero and a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.

Is Captain Atom stronger than Superman?

For all of the feats Superman has showcased, Captain Atom makes them insignificant. Superman’s speed and strength don’t really matter if the opponent can operate faster in battle, can take away his powers, and/or can transmute his body into something else without breaking a sweat.

Who is Captain Atom DC Comics?

Captain Atom is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Captain Atom has existed in three basic incarnations. Captain Atom was created by writer Joe Gill and artist/co-writer Steve Ditko, and first appeared in Space Adventures #33 (March 1960).

Are atom and the Flash more impressive than Captain Atom?

I didnt say they were more impressive. Although, Captain Atom does seem to be more impressive in the new 52. I think you were referring to the comic Captain Atom number 3 where he encounters the Flash an the military and you are referring too happened in the span of 1 second.

Does Captain Atom look like a powerhouse?

Sure, Captain Atom sure looks like a major powerhouse these days. he has transmutation, size alteration, people get their hands burnt just by touching him (though i dont think that would work with Superman), he cured cancer for a kid, so far to me he looks like Dr. Manhattan (minus the blue pipe).