Who is accused in Act 3 of the crucible?

Who is accused in Act 3 of the crucible?

Who is accused in Act 3 of the crucible?

Act III begins in the Salem meeting house. The court questions and accuses Martha Corey of witchcraft. Giles Corey interrupts the court proceedings and declares that Thomas Putnam is “reaching out for land!” He is removed from the courtroom and taken to the vestry room.

What evidence is there that Abigail’s saintly reputation mentioned in Act II Scene I is changing?

Some evidence that Abigail’s saintly reputation that is mentioned in Act II, Scene 1 is changing is presented when John brings up a rumor that he heard that Abigail goes to the tavern to play shovelboard and drink cider every night.

How has Hale changed since his arrival in Salem Why is he testing Proctor and Elizabeth Why hasn’t Proctor been in church?

Hale tests John and Elizabeth Proctor because they have not been to church often of late—only twenty six times in seventeen months—and because her name was mentioned in the court today. John tells him that Elizabeth has been ill for some months and that this is the reason they haven’t been to church.

How Hale’s opinions of the accused changed by the end of Act 2?

How have Hale’s opinions of the accused changed by the end of Act II? Hale has agreed with Proctor in that this hysteria surrounding the witchcraft is false. He has become aware that the accusers are lying and that their accusations are nothing but revenge on those accused.

What happens in Act 3 of the crucible?

In Act 3 of The Crucible, three men, including John Proctor, go to the court in an effort to reason with the judge about the charges against their wives. In the end, the judge believes Abigail, Mary goes back to her, and John is condemned to prison with the others, but Reverend Hale now sees the absurdity of the court.

Who does Parris reveal that Abigail disappeared with?

Mercy Lewis

What changes do we see in Reverend Parris Act 4?

The Reverend Parris, a selfish, hypocritical and petty man, once a prominent and wealthy minister of the community, is by Act IV reduced to a financially broken man, disillusioned and humbled.

How has Reverend Hale changed Act 4?

In Act IV, it is he who counsels the accused witches to lie, to confess their supposed sins in order to save their own lives. In his change of heart and subsequent despair, Hale gains the audience’s sympathy but not its respect, since he lacks the moral fiber of Rebecca Nurse or, as it turns out, John Proctor.

Who are the main characters in Act 3 of the crucible?

Giles is dragged from the courtroom and into the vestry room (on stage) by Marshal Herrick. They are followed by Francis Nurse, Reverend Hale, Judge Hathorne, Deputy Governor Danforth, Ezekiel Cheever and Reverend Parris.

How has Reverend Hale changed from Act 1 to 3?

Reverend Hale undergoes a dramatic transformation between Act I and Act III. Arriving in Salem as an authority on witchcraft, he becomes a vital member of the court, assisting in the process of uncovering witches that are present in the village. He leaves the court and returns home.