Who covered John Prine Paradise?

Who covered John Prine Paradise?

Who covered John Prine Paradise?

Fifty years after John Prine first recorded “Paradise” for his self-titled debut album, Sturgill Simpson lends his distinctive voice to Prine’s personal tale of a Kentucky town decimated by strip mining.

Who sings the original song Paradise?

John PrineParadise / ArtistJohn Edward Prine was an American singer-songwriter of country-folk music. He was active as a composer, recording artist, live performer, and occasional actor from the early 1970s until his death. He was known for an often humorous style of original music that has elements of protest and social commentary. Wikipedia

Who wrote Paradise by Sturgill Simpson?

John PrineParadise / Lyricist

Which Sturgill Simpson songs are covers?

Songs covered by Sturgill Simpson

Song Play Count
I’d Have to Be Crazy (Willie Nelson cover) 113
You Don’t Miss Your Water (William Bell cover) 101
I Never Go Around Mirrors (Lefty Frizzell cover) 48
Listening to the Rain (The Osborne Brothers cover) 46

Was John Prine a veteran?

He Was a Veteran Prior to starting his career, Prine served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. He was stationed in Germany. Prine focuses on veteran drug addiction in “Sam Stone,” one of his most famous songs, from his 1971 debut album; the song does not specifically mention the Vietnam War, however.

Where is John Prine?

Maywood, ILJohn Prine / Place of birth

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