Where is LFA 33?

Where is LFA 33?

Where is LFA 33?

LFA 33 extends from Cow Bay, Halifax County to Port La Tour, Shelburne County. Management of the LFA 33 lobster fishery is based on effort, season, and size controls and restrictions on retention of berried females, v-notched lobster, and females with a missing claw (culls).

How many lobster boats are there in Nova Scotia?

Lobster fishing vessels are less than 45 feet (13.7 meters) and each is limited to 375 or 400 traps, depending on the time of year. There are 985 licensed vessels in this lobster fishing area.

Where is LFA 34?

Commercial lobster fishing in LFA 34 (Figure 1), off southwest Nova Scotia currently has the highest landings and the most participants of any LFA in Canada. Landings in LFA 34 began a long-term increase in the 1980s and recent landings are at record highs (Figure 2).

How much lobster is caught in Nova Scotia?

Lobster. Lobster is harvested along the coast of Nova Scotia by thousands of independent lobster fishermen using baited traps placed on the bottom of the sea. Lobster seasons vary depending on Lobster Fishing Area (LFA). Nova Scotia landed over 51,000mt of lobster worth $570 million in 2014.

What is lobster season in Nova Scotia?

While lobster is available fresh in Nova Scotia 365 days a year, the lobster season where I grew up runs from the last week in November to the last week in May annually. Lobsters caught in this area (known locally as Districts 33 & 34) account for approximately 40% of all lobster caught in Canada annually.

How much is a lobster license worth in Nova Scotia?

Cdn$1 mil
Maine, USA: The price of lobster licences in Nova Scotia has soared ever since Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans began purchasing them in response to the Marshall decision, according to a report by the Halifax Herald.

How much money does Nova Scotia make from fishing?

Contributing over $1.68 billion to our economy, the fishing industry truly is a world of opportunity, right here.

Can I catch lobster in Nova Scotia?

Lobster fishing occurs off the coast of Nova Scotia year-round and is readily available from local restaurants and retail shops.

How much does a lobster fisherman make in Nova Scotia?

The average lobster fisherman gross salary in Nova Scotia, Canada is $27,767 or an equivalent hourly rate of $13. This is 5% lower (-$1,602) than the average lobster fisherman salary in Canada. In addition, they earn an average bonus of $4,221.

Where is the most lobster caught in Canada?

Barrington, Nova Scotia is the Lobster Capital of Canada. The lobster fishing grounds off Barrington’s shores are amongst the richest in the world and lobster has been the economic backbone of communities in this area since the 1800’s. They even build a Christmas tree out of lobster traps during the holidays.