When was a man apart filmed?

When was a man apart filmed?

When was a man apart filmed?

A Man Apart is a 2003 American vigilante action film directed by F. Gary Gray and released by New Line Cinema. The film stars Vin Diesel and Larenz Tate….

A Man Apart
Release date April 4, 2003
Running time 109 minutes
Country United States
Language English

What is the movie man apart about?

Agent Sean Vetter (Vin Diesel) is a DEA operative fighting the drug wars along the US/Mexican border. After a major player from the Baja Cartel is imprisoned, a new mysterious figure known as Diablo wrests control over the entire operation. But when Vetter’s wife is murdered in a botched hit, he and his partner (Larenz Tate) must join forces with the jailed Cartel boss to hunt down the dangerous and elusive new player.A Man Apart / Film synopsis

Who is the dancer at the beginning of a man apart?

Paula Harrison
A Man Apart (2003) – Paula Harrison as Lucero’s Dancer – IMDb.

How long is the movie A Man Apart?

1h 50mA Man Apart / Running time

Where was a man apart filmed?

Utro’s Cafe, 73 berth, San Pedro, California, USA (drug deal where the dealer almost recognizes Sean Vetter then brags about killing the wife of a cop.

What ethnicity is Vin Diesel?

He was raised by his white mother and adoptive African-American father, Irving H. Vincent, an acting instructor and theater manager. Diesel has stated that he is “of ambiguous ethnicity.” His mother has English, German, and Scottish roots.

Who played Larenz Tate’s wife in the movie A Man Apart?

Jacqueline Obradors
It’ll give you street cred. It seems this Diablo wants to take over Meno’s territory swift and hard. One of the first moves: blowing away Sean’s wife, Stacy (Jacqueline Obradors), “Godfather II” style (a late-night, rat-a-tat-tat bedroom ambush).

Is Vin Diesel married to Letty?

Who is Vin Diesel married to? The Hollywood hunk has never been married… at least, not that we know of. He’s believed to be domestic partners with Jimenez, but he’s never, shall we say, put a ring on it. And although they were first linked to one another publicly sometime in 2007, it’s unclear how they first met.