What sizes do LED light bars come in?

What sizes do LED light bars come in?

What sizes do LED light bars come in?

LED light bars range in size from 4 inches to 50 inches. Of course, the bigger the bar, the more you can expect to pay.

What is the standard size of an LED?

5mm are the most common size you’ll see, and they can be extremely bright! 5mm LEDs can be so bright, they are often used as illumination (lighting something up, like a flashlight, we’ll talk about this next).

What is the longest LED light bar?

The K-ForceĀ® 75 TIR Full Size LED Light Bar is the longest emergency vehicle light bar available at SpeedTech Lights.

How tall are light bars?

No matter the type of LED light bar you’re looking for, Extreme LED has a large selection to meet your needs. Our LED light bars range from 6″ all the way up to 54″ wide and are anywhere from 1.5″ to 4″ tall. Our light bars have several options for color and beam pattern.

How wide is a standard LED strip?

Anatomy of an LED strip An LED strip light is typically half an inch (10-12 mm) in width, and up to 16 feet (5 meters) or more in length.

What light bar shines the farthest?

The XPI LED Light Bar from Vision X utilizes the IRIS Reflector Technology to produce long range distances of up to 1,720 feet (XPI-27). Coupled with Titled LEDs, the XPI is capable of produced a mixed beam pattern that also fills in side areas in front of the vehicle.

How many watts is a 52 inch light bar?


UPC 718193342479
Beam Pattern Combo
Diode Count 100
Watt 300 Watt
Watt Range 200+ Watt

Are all LED light bars the same?

There are varying grades of LED’s, both name brand and off brand. You can tell something about the quality of the LED’s by the watt rating of the light bar, but some manufacturers aren’t always truthful about what components they use or how many are in their light.

Are light bars necessary?

Light bar systems are useful for so many different activities like off-roading, hunting, outdoor work, or just driving down a poorly illuminated road. Here are our top 5 reasons why you need an LED light bar, and how to find the right model for your vehicle.