What should you be prepared to do if workplace violence occurs?

What should you be prepared to do if workplace violence occurs?

What should you be prepared to do if workplace violence occurs?

Here are some of McGoey’s guidelines.

  1. Build and train a team. Responding to workplace violence starts well before any incident.
  2. Know the law.
  3. Watch for signs.
  4. Strike preemptively.
  5. Remove the source.
  6. Shift to neutral.
  7. Escort and warn, or disable.
  8. Stay vigilant.

What is the most common knife injury?

Fingers/thumbs (66%; 5,447,467 of 8,249,410) were injured most often, and lacerations (94%; 7,793,487 of 8,249,553) were the most common type of injury. Pocket/utility knives were associated with injury most often (47%; 1,169,960 of 2,481,994), followed by cooking/kitchen knives (36%; 900,812 of 2,481,994).

How can we protect ourselves from fire?

The idea is not to let the smoke enter. 6) Wet all the walls, doors and windows and keep a wet cloth over your nose and mouth. Breathe through your nose only. 7) Don’t attempt to break the windows as you will attract more smoke and flames from outside.

What are the key elements of an effective workplace violence prevention program?

OSHA’s five major elements of an effective workplace violence prevention program are:

  • Management commitment and employee involvement;
  • Worksite analysis;
  • Hazard prevention and control;
  • Safety and health training;
  • Recordkeeping and program evaluation.

Why is workplace violence important?

“Workplace violence is a recognized hazard that can cause serious physical harm or death to employees, and it’s an employer’s duty to provide employees with a work environment that is free from known and recognized hazards.” Safety professionals shouldn’t feel that they must tackle workplace violence on their own.

What is the most common thread in preventing workplace violence?


How common is workplace violence?

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), 2 million assaults and threats of violence against Americans in the workplace occur annually. The most common type of workplace violence was assault, with an average of 1.5 million workplace assaults occurring a year.

What should you do if you are a victim of workplace violence?

If you have been threatened at your workplace, or have been the victim of physical violence at work, report it immediately to your supervisor and detail the incident in writing. If your supervisor or employer does not act, or the threat of further violence is serious, report it to the local police.

What are the causes of workplace violence?

Staff shortages, increased patient morbidities, exposure to violent individuals, and the absence of strong workplace violence prevention programs and protective regulations are all barriers to eliminating violence against healthcare workers.