What should I mention in my first YouTube video?

What should I mention in my first YouTube video?

What should I mention in my first YouTube video?

Introduce yourself It can really be as simple as sitting in front of the camera and telling people a bit more about yourself and your business. That’s exactly what Brian Halligan, co-founder of HubSpot, did for their first YouTube video.

Which tags are best for YouTube videos?

Best Tags for YouTube Videos to use in 2022

  • #youtube.
  • #video.
  • #vlog.
  • #live.
  • #life.
  • #youtubechannel.
  • #memes.
  • #twitch.

How do you pick a good tag on YouTube?

5 tips to help you create impactful YouTube tags

  1. Conduct keyword research. If you want to find the right keywords for your video tags, you need to conduct keyword research.
  2. Research competitors.
  3. Use plural and singular forms of keywords.
  4. Use keyword variations.
  5. Make sure your tags support your title and description.

Who is the first Vlogger?

Adam Kontras
With the rapid growth of blogging in 1999, it wasn’t long before the first video was uploaded and added to a blog post to form the first vlog. Adam Kontras was the first to accomplish this on January 2nd, 2000 when he posted a 15-second video of himself sneaking a cat into his apartment building.

Do tags help YouTube?

Tags are descriptive keywords you can add to your video to help viewers find your content. Your video’s title, thumbnail, and description are more important pieces of metadata for your video’s discovery. These main pieces of information help viewers decide which videos to watch.

How do you write a good tag?

12 tips for the perfect description tag

  1. Use no more than 155 characters.
  2. Use keywords you want to score with for that page.
  3. Don’t create false expectations.
  4. Tell the user what to expect.
  5. Think about your target audience.
  6. Write properly.
  7. To the point.
  8. Don’t just repeat the page title.

Do tags matter on YouTube?

Do YouTube video tags matter for your YouTube SEO? The consensus is…not really. Even Google says tags play just a tiny part in helping people find your videos. One study does indicate that using keyword-focused tags can impact your SEO, but on a very small scale.