What should I do before the big chop?

What should I do before the big chop?

What should I do before the big chop?

Let’s start with the things you need to know before you do The Big Chop.

  1. Be 100% Sure. Be 100% sure that you want to cut off all of your hair.
  2. Don’t Cut Blindly. So you’ve decided that you’re going to be bold and cut your hair.
  3. Your Hair May Not Look Anything Like You Expected.
  4. Your Hair Is Unique.
  5. Choose Products Wisely.

Should I wash my hair before big chop?

How Do I Prep My Hair for a Big Chop? First, you want to make sure that your hair is freshly washed, detangled, air dried, and free of any styling products that can manipulate your natural texture. This way, you’re able to clearly spot the line of demarcation between your natural curls and the relaxed ends.

How long should I transition before the big chop?

Whether you decide to do a big chop or gradually grow out a relaxer, it’s going to take at least three to four months to start to see real change. For some, it may be a full year before you’re completely chemical-free.

How do you define curls after the big chop?

“If you want defined curls, you have to moisturize your hair from the inside,” says Janvier, who recommends incorporating weekly deep-conditioning treatments and monthly protein treatments to keep your hair hydrated. “This will help keep your curls nourished, hydrated, bouncy, and strong,” says Janvier.

How can I regrow my hair after big chop?

Here’s some tips on how to grow out your natural hair after the big chop.

  1. Wash, Deep Condition & Moisturize Regularly. First you’ll need to choose products that work for your natural hair.
  2. Trim Regularly.
  3. Keep Heat Styling To A Minimum.
  4. Wear Low Manipulation Hairstyles.
  5. Protective Style.
  6. Vitamins.

What does activator gel do for hair?

What is a curl activator? A curl activator can be applied to wet hair as a moisturizing step before your styling product. It won’t give your waves, curls or coils much hold but it can help prevent frizz and add shine, moisture and softness to the hair.

How do you rock big chop?

The biggest key to a successful big chop is CONFIDENCE. Wearing a short haircut, fearlessly, is 90% of its appeal. Additionally, the perfect big chop is most definitely a stylistic choice. Choosing the big chop that’s perfect for you is only a matter of careful selection and facial customization.