What pies are in pie and mash shops?

What pies are in pie and mash shops?

What pies are in pie and mash shops?

It typically consists of a minced beef pie, mashed potato and a parsley sauce known as liquor. Pie, mash and eel shops have been in London since the 19th century, and are still common in East and South London, and in many parts of Kent and Essex. The shops may also serve stewed or jellied eels.

Who owns Robin’s pie mash?

June Robins, owner of Robin’s Pie and Mash shop in High Street, Wanstead, said the business is being expanded to accommodate more customers.

What is the liquor with pie and mash?

parsley liquor
Fill-up on this authentic British dish of beef pie with a hearty suet pastry case and all the traditional trimmings.

Why did pie and mash shops have sawdust on the floor?

F Cooke is one of the few remaining pie shops in the country to sprinkle sawdust on the floor (traditionally used to keep eel bones from turning the floor slippery) and serves a beautiful beef and gravy pie, accompanied with the requisite mash and liquor, for under £4.

Who owns Manzes pie mash?

My dad Rick Poole and my husband Tom Harrington are all involved with the family-run business. Manze’s Pie and Mash was established in 1902 by Michele Manze and has since been passed down through the generations and for the past 40 years the founder’s grandson, Rick, has been with the business.

What is liquor gravy made of?

Liquor is what makes this meal so good! Our liquor sauce is made from fish stock, flour and parsley. In the past, it was made out of the stock from the stewed eels because they were cheap, but it is now cheaper to buy fish stock cubes instead!

Why is pie and mash liquor called liquor?

Latterly, the pies were made from scraps of beef and vegetables, leftovers or from the local markets, under a pastry crust. The mashed potatoes were liberally covered in parsley gravy or “liquor”.

Does anyone live on Eel Pie Island?

Eel Pie Island Today Today the Island is home to 120 inhabitants who live in the 50 houses and a few houseboats that make up the Island. It has retained its creative past and is a vibrant and active community of artists.