What level does two dots go up to?

What level does two dots go up to?

What level does two dots go up to?

As of April 17th, 2022 there are 4000 levels. At the start of each level, the objectives are displayed; furthermore, the player must complete them within a specified number of moves. At the start of a level, a set of dots is “dropped” from the top of the in-game area.

What is the hardest level in two dots?

The final level in the original version of TD.It will take a little time to beat,but if you play enough you could beat it before Two Dots updates to the “Baron Wastes”version on 17 June 2014. Level 104 is one of the hardest levels to get 3 stars on because of moves.

How do you beat the monsters in two dots?

Know your obstacles

  1. Ice blocks don’t stop anything, but you need to clear a few dots within them to break them.
  2. Fire dots burn up the dots next to them.
  3. Sand blocks clear when you clear a dot next to them.
  4. Directional blocks only clear when you clear a dot on the correct side of them.

How many levels are in dots & Co?

155 levels
There are currently 155 levels, with more being added all the time, each with their own specific goals — whether it’s clearing a specific number of dots, or clearing all ice blocks from the game. While there’s no time limit, there is a move limit for each level. And new to Dots & Co.

What is the gold mine in two dots?

When you purchase the Gold Mine, you get all the Gold stored in it. After you purchase, your Gold Mine will be upgraded to hold more gold next time. The Gold Mine is only open for a limited time – fill and purchase it before time runs out!

How do you get more lives in two dots?

Get infinite free lives by cheating time Since TwoDots requires 20 minutes to go by to replenish a life, forward your clock ahead at least 100 minutes. Launch TwoDots again and voila, your lives should now be refilled completely!

What do the Keys do in two dots game?

Conversation. Our latest update includes all new Golden Keys! You can find them inside presents on the world map and behind daily mystery doors. Your Golden Keys can then be used to redeem supplies in the market!

How do you play dots Co?

A beginner’s guide to Dots & Co

  1. 1) Your companion is your friend.
  2. 2) Take your time.
  3. 3) Colorless dots are the most important dots.
  4. 4) Be square, or at least make them.
  5. 5) Only boost your companion as a last resort.

Can you win gold in two dots?

Right now there isn’t a way to earn gold. We tried our best to make the free portion of the scavenger hunt its own great experience. It’s even bigger in size than the last scavenger hunt. We hope people consider the third and fourth parts to be extra / premium in nature.

Can you earn gold in two dots?

What is dots stand for?

​DOTS stands for: Deformities. Open wounds. Tenderness. Swelling.

What does the gold mine do in two dots?