What is the White River gauge Clarendon AR?

What is the White River gauge Clarendon AR?

What is the White River gauge Clarendon AR?

Location of Gage : WR116 WHITE RIVER AT CLARENDON, AR. 28.51 Ft. +0.05 Ft.

What is the White River water level?

*Current Level: 5.08ft *Depth taken at midnight of each day. CFS in 1000s CFS.

How deep is the White River in Des Arc Arkansas?


How high is the Cache River?

151 ft
Cache River (Arkansas)

Cache River
Mouth White River (Arkansas)
• location Clarendon, Arkansas
• coordinates 34°42′7″N 91°19′30″W
• elevation 151 ft (46 m)

How many generators are running at Bull Shoals Dam?

8 generators
They use this water at their discretion for power through the 8 generators at Bull Shoals Dam. Computers in Oklahoma decide when to run the water, and how much.

Is the White River safe?

Stay safe and enjoy! The White River is an incredible recreational asset, but like all mid-sized rivers it can become a dangerous place to recreate after a rain event. We’ve designed a three tier system to help you understand the risks associated with both flow and contamination.

Can you kayak the White River?

White River Kayaking and Outdoors Our location provides quick and easy access to beautiful Lake Taneycomo. Whether a beginner or an expert, White River lakes make the perfect setting for fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and canoeing. View an assortment of wildlife or try catching a variety of fish.

Where does the Cache River start and end?

White RiverCache River / Mouth

What county is Cache River in?

The Cache River Wetlands — America’s northernmost cypress/tupelo swamp — harbors 91 percent of the state’s high quality swamp and wetland communities….Cache River (Illinois)

Cache River
• location South of Mound City, Alexander County, Illinois
• coordinates 37°04′01″N 89°10′22″W
Length 92 mi (148 km)

Is the White River Generating?

This recording can tell you that there are no generators running, which may be true, but you can still get a lot of water coming down the river anyway from a non-power release! Max water release from all 8 generators is 26,400 CFS (cubic ft/second).

Why is White River so cold?

Fact is, the White River below Beaver Dam is downright cold. The water temperature runs about 52 to 55 degrees all year. That’s because the flow pouring through the base of the dam comes from deep down in Beaver Lake, 100 or more feet, where the water is ice cold.

Is White River contaminated?

The main culprit for the White River contamination is called “fecal coliform.” It’s a polite phrase that describes a deeply unpleasant reality: Raw, untreated human and livestock excrement washes into the river, creating a bacterial soup that could send a swimmer to the emergency room.