What is the synonym of the word triple?

What is the synonym of the word triple?

What is the synonym of the word triple?

threefold. adjectivethree times as many. ternary. treble. trinal.

What is a synonym for three times?

three times; thrice; threefold.

Whats tripled mean?

become three times as great
1 : to become three times as great or as numerous their profits tripled last year. 2 : to make a triple in baseball. triple.

Whats the word for three or more?

What is another word for three?

triplet threesome
trifecta set of three
threeness Trinity
Threeness threeling
treble terzetto

What do you call a group of three?

A trio is a group of three people together, especially musicians or singers, or a group of three things that have something in common.

What is a another word for multiple?

numerous, many, various, different, diverse, several, sundry, miscellaneous, manifold, multifarious, multitudinous, compound, collective.

Is thrice a correct word?

Unlike once and twice, thrice is somewhat dated in American and British usage, sometimes used for a comical or intentionally archaic effect; three times is the more standard and typical usage.

Is triple the same as 3 times?

Triple means consisting of three things or parts. a triple somersault. If something triples or if you triple it, it becomes three times as large in size or number.

Does tripled mean times 3?

Triple means to multiply by three. If you triple the number two, you get six, and six is the triple of the number two. In triple, you see tri which means three. You see this prefix in tricycle (three wheels), tripod (three legs), and triplet (three siblings born at the same time).

How do I refer to a group of three?

Part of speech:

  1. thrice.
  2. triply.
  3. trinity. The definition of a trinity is the state of being three, or a set of three.
  4. triunity. The fact or state of being three in.
  5. troika. The team of horses.
  6. triumvirate. The definition of a triumvirate is a three person or position government or other system of authority.
  7. threefold.
  8. terzetto.

What’s a group of three called?