What is the size of pizza base?

What is the size of pizza base?

What is the size of pizza base?

Medium pizza sizes for round crusts are 10 to 14 inches in diameter or formed into a rectangular shape approximately 10 by 15 inches in size. Large sized pizza for round crusts are 15 to 18 inches in diameter or formed into a rectangular shape approximately 12 by 16 inches in size.

How do you use pizza base mix?

Preparation and Usage

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 220°C/Fan 200°C/Gas 7.
  2. Empty the pizza base mix into a mixing bowl and stir in the water.
  3. Mix to a soft dough then knead well on a lightly floured surface for 5 minutes until smooth.
  4. Roll out into a circle approximately 20cm (8″) in diameter.

Which base is used in pizza?

A pizza base is the bottom crust upon which a pizza is formed. Typically, it is formed from a raw, rolled out dough made from wheat flour. It can also be a raw dough made from other non-grain ingredients, or a pre-cooked dough base such as a foccacia, a pita, etc.

Can you cook the Crosta & Mollica pizza base from frozen?

Cooking Instructions Remove all packaging. Place pizza directly on middle shelf of a pre-heated oven and cook from frozen.

How many rupees pizza base are?

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How many grams is 12 inch pizza flour?

I use 240 to 250 for a 12 inch pizza. Have gone up to 280 but it was a bit too much and as low as 230 which was a bit low. Mine end up about 235-245g for 12ish in.

How do you make a simple pizza base?


  1. Heat the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6.
  2. Mix together 350g flour, 2 ¾ tsp baking powder and 1 tsp salt in a small bowl, add 1 tbsp oil and 170ml water then stir until it forms a ball.
  3. Knead on a floured surface for 3-4 mins.
  4. Add toppings and bake each on a baking sheet for 15 mins.

How is pizza base made?

  1. To make the basic pizza base, combine 2 tbsp of lukewarm water, dry yeast and sugar in a small bowl and mix well.
  2. Cover with a lid and keep aside for 5 minutes.
  3. Combine the plain flour, yeast-water mixture, olive oil and salt in a deep bowl and knead into a soft dough using enough water.

What flour is used in pizza?

00 flour is finely ground Italian flour that contains about 12% protein, or 12% gluten. It’s the traditional flour used to make Neapolitan-style pizza. Since its gluten content is similar to bread flour, it also produces a pizza crust with chew.

Is Crosta and Mollica pizza vegetarian?

Not suitable for vegetarians.