What is the purpose of the description in the passage from Travels with Charley?

What is the purpose of the description in the passage from Travels with Charley?

What is the purpose of the description in the passage from Travels with Charley?

What is the purpose of the descriptive detail in this passage from Travels with Charley? It shows how the camper meets all the author’s travel needs. Once I traveled about in an old bakery wagon, double-doored rattler with a mattress on its floor.

Where is Steinbeck’s Rocinante?


Why did Steinbeck plan a trip in a camper around the US after returning from Europe?

Steinbeck tells of traveling throughout the United States in a specially made camper he named Rocinante, after Don Quixote’s horse. According to Thom Steinbeck, the author’s oldest son, the reason for the trip was that Steinbeck knew he was dying and wanted to see his country one last time.

Which statement best shows a problem in Travels With Charley Brainly?

Explanation: “I, an American writer, writing about America, was working from memory, and the memory is at best a faulty, warpy reservoir best shows the problem in the memoir, travels with Charley”.

Which statement is the best reason that the author includes conversations with the dog in the book Travels with Charley?

Explanation: In reference to the book ‘Travels with Charley,’ the third statement correctly states that the author incorporates the conversations with the dog in the book to offer an alternative method to display his thoughts.

What is most likely Steinbeck overall reason for writing Travels with Charley?

John Steinbeck is the writer of a travelloge called: “Travels with Charlie: In Search of America”. The reason that lead Charlie to write this book is that he wanted to have a personal view of his country. He also wanted to know how the Americans were like at that time.

When did Travels with Charley take place?


Does Charley die in Travels with Charley?

No, that didn’t happen and Charley never died, at least not in the book. He is most assuredly dead now, along with Steinbeck, although it would have been much better if Charley died during the course of the book because it would have added a small touch of excitement to Steinbeck’s drab tale of driving in America.

Who wrote Travels with Charlie?

John Steinbeck

What genre is Travels with Charley?

Travel literature

Who is the main character in Travels with Charley?

Charles le Chien

How many pages is Travels with Charley?


Who is the search of America?

explorer Christopher Columbus

Is Travels with Charley true?

He added that he was a little surprised that his findings hadn’t made more of a ripple among Steinbeck scholars: “ ‘Travels With Charley’ for 50 years has been touted, venerated, reviewed, mythologized as a true story, a nonfiction account of John Steinbeck’s journey of discovery, driving slowly across America, camping …