What is the largest stock pot size?

What is the largest stock pot size?

What is the largest stock pot size?

A stockpot is typically the largest pot in the kitchen. You can buy them in sizes starting at 8 quarts, which is a fine size for cooking pasta, but for a great multipurpose, large pot, we recommend a 12-quart.

How much should a stock pot cost?


Stock Pot Price View Details
Cuisinart 8-Quart Stock Pot $69.95 Amazon
All-Clad 8-Quart Stock Pot $347.95 Amazon
Cooks Standard 12-Quart Stock Pot $52.83 Amazon
Cuisinart 12-Quart Stock Pot $139.95 Amazon

How tall is a 15 quart pot?

11 3/8 Inches
Height:11 3/8 Inches. Capacity:15 qt.

How big is a 16 qt stock pot?

Top Diameter:11 9/16 Inches. Bottom Diameter:10 1/4 Inches. Height:10 1/8 Inches.

What size do stock pots come in?

Stockpots range in size from 4-quarts to 40-quarts. To get an idea of what size works best at home, use a(n): 4-quart to 6-quart sized pot for soup, chili, stew, curry, and pasta. 8-quart to 10-quart sized pot for poultry stock and vegetable stock.

How tall is a 20 qt stock pot?

10 7/16 Inches
Overall Dimensions: Height:10 7/16 Inches. Capacity:20 qt.

What material is best for a stock pot?

stainless steel
Many cooks consider stainless steel the best material for stock pots. It heats rapidly, is lightweight, easy to clean and built to last. Stainless steel stock pots don’t have coatings that can wear off or get scratched, so you can use all kinds of cooking tools and kitchen utensils with them.

How big is a 20 qt pot?

Overall Dimensions: Top Diameter:12 1/2 Inches. Height:10 7/16 Inches. Capacity:20 qt.

What are the dimensions of a 20 quart stock pot?

Compare with similar items

This item Winware Stainless 20-Quart Steel Stock Pot with Cover IMUSA USA Stainless Steel Stock Pot 20-Quart, Silver
Color Silver Silver
Item Dimensions 16.5 x 12.5 x 14 inches 14.76 x 14.76 x 11.02 inches
Material Steel Stainless Steel
Size 20 quarts 20 quarts

What stock pots do chefs use?

Best Overall: Cooks Standard 8-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Lid.

  • Best with Strainer: All-Clad Stainless Steel 12-Quart Multi-Cooker Cookware Set.
  • Best Enameled: Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Enamel on Steel Stockpot with Cover, 12-Quart.
  • Best Nonstick: T-fal Specialty Total Nonstick Stockpot.