What is the difference between a photon and quantum torpedo?

What is the difference between a photon and quantum torpedo?

What is the difference between a photon and quantum torpedo?

The 2010 MMORPG Star Trek Online features quantum torpedoes. Their characteristic differences from photon torpedoes is higher velocity and higher damage per torpedo, but slower reload rate. Some Federation NPC vessels are equipped with these, as well as all Dominion NPC ships.

How powerful is a phaser?

Phase cannon Phase cannons have a variable yield, with the cannons on the Enterprise being rated for a maximum output of 500 gigajoules, equivalent to about 120 tons TNT. Phase cannons are generally more powerful than spatial torpedoes. They are the 22nd century precursor to phaser technology.

Are Star Trek phasers possible?

It is important to note that while phasers aren’t theoretically impossible, they may not become what we imagine them to be today. Phasers, if they are anything like lasers, are nothing more than propagated beams of light, which travels from point A to point B in one direction (a straight line).

Why was Voyager carrying Tricobalt devices?

Since tri-cobalt weapons are super-high yield explosives, the weapons are probably used as high-yield artillery explosives, possibly as mines against chasing starships, or for disrupting subspace preventing ships from easily accessing subspace, at least temporarily.

Is a photon torpedo possible?

The technology of photon torpedoes is quite possibly a Science Fact, though there are severe limitations, which make photon torpedoes less likely a possibility than phasers. The production costs of antimatter are incredibly steep: up to $25 billion per gram.

What is the difference between a phaser and a disruptor?

The disruptor cannon article states: “According to the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, disruptor weapons generally carry more energy than standard phaser weapons, but are more lacking in accuracy and fast discharge.” Phasers use stun abilities. The other just tears molecules.

How many photon torpedoes did Voyager use?

38 Torpedoes
Voyager Used 123 Of Its 38 Torpedoes Over The Course Of The Series.

What is a Tricobalt device?

In Star Trek Online, tricobalt devices are a purchasable weapon for starships. They do the most kinetic damage of any torpedo in the game out-damaging quantum torpedoes several times (if used with the correct skills), but at the cost of a very long recharge and being destructible in flight.