What is the British slang for woman?

What is the British slang for woman?

What is the British slang for woman?

14. Bird. A word used to describe a woman.

What is British slang for beautiful?

10. Bonnie. Used in Scotland, this word means “pretty” or “beautiful”, and is normally used in reference to a woman.

How do you compliment a girl in British slang?

British Compliments

  1. You look smart/You’re smartly dressed – Smart, in this case, isn’t a reference to your mental state but more so about being dressed well.
  2. He’s as bright as a button – “Bright” in British words and phrases means smart.
  3. I quite fancy you – Fancy here means like or have a crush on.

What is a slang word for woman?

she (slang) sheila (Australia, slang) skirt (US, offensive slang) squaw (now offensive, ethnic slur) thot (US, offensive slang)

Why do Brits always say innit?

‘Innit’ – usually pronounced that way, usually with a regional accent of some kind, often with a Cockney accent of some kind, often with a Jamaican accent – it’s because it’s come really from the fashionable use, in London mainly, by the Asian community and the Jamaican community, popularised by Ali G and others.

What’s the most British thing to say?

11 Bloody Brilliant British English Phrases

  1. “Fancy a cuppa?” meaning: “Would you like a cup of tea?”
  2. “Alright?” meaning: “Hey, how are you?”
  3. “I’m knackered!” meaning: “I’m tired.”
  4. Cheeky. meaning: playful; mischievous.
  5. “I’m chuffed to bits!” meaning “I’m very pleased.”
  6. Bloody. meaning: very.
  7. To bodge something.
  8. “I’m pissed.”

What does Leng mean?

Definition of ‘leng’ 1. to tarry or linger. adjective. 2. obsolete.

What can I say instead of ladies?


  • colleen.
  • lady.
  • lass.
  • lassie.
  • miss.
  • virgin.
  • woman.
  • young girl.

What’s an old fashioned word for woman?

lady Add to list Share. An old-fashioned or extremely polite word for “woman” is lady. A waiter who’s trying to be charming might say, “Can I get anything else for you ladies?”

What is a slang word for looking good?

Sic/Sick – Cool or sweet. Snatched – Looks good, perfect, or fashionable; the new “on fleek”