What is the best strategy for Bloons TD battles?

What is the best strategy for Bloons TD battles?

What is the best strategy for Bloons TD battles?

This is a set of guidelines beginning players of BTD Battles should keep:

  • Balance between buying defenses and ecoing/farming.
  • Always know your opponents next move.
  • If your opponent is rushing you and you have farms, sell the farms and buy more defenses.

What is the best deck in BTD Battles 2?

Best Tower Combinations in Bloons TD Battles 2

  • Loadout 1: Ninja Monkey, Sniper Monkey, Dartling Gunner, Gwendolin.
  • Loadout 2: Tack Shooter, Alchemist, Monkey Village, Gwendolin.
  • Loadout 3: Boomerang Monkey, Ice Monkey, Monkey Sub, Quincy.
  • Loadout 4: Druid, Alchemist, Monkey Sub, Obyn.

Can Sun God see camo?

Even though it is the highest upgrade to the most powerful tower in Bloons TD 4, the Sun God still can’t detect or target Camo Bloons on its own.

Do Monkey villages stack?

The effects of Monkey Village (BTD5) do not stack if a tower is within the radius of more than one village of the same path. A Monkey Village (BTD5) will only help towers within its radius.

What is bananza BTDB?

Bananza is a Club Battle that is introduced in Bloons TD Battles Mobile. In this mode, all Farms, Bloon Attacks, Starting Cash, and Income is doubled in cash value. Occasionally, other income methods give double cash too (these other methods are Supply Drops, Wired Funds, Support Chinook, and Bloon Trap).

What can pop DDTs Btd battles 2?

The best defense against DDTs involves the use of Monkey Intelligence Bureau, the only way to make towers that normally pop only one of Lead or Black to pop both.

What is Bloons TD Battles?

Go head to head with other players in a battle for victory. Bloons TD Battles includes unique new tracks, designed specially for multiplayer combat. Watch the action unfold as you and your opponent battle each other’s bloons side by side. What will you do? Hunker down for the long game – or go for the quick win with a rush of fast Bloons?

How many tracks are there in Bloons TD 5?

From the creators of best-selling Bloons TD 5, this all new Battles game is specially designed for multiplayer combat, featuring 18 custom head-to-head tracks, incredible towers and upgrades, all-new attack and defense boosts, and the ability to control bloons directly and send them charging past your opponent’s defenses.

What is the Brawl Stars Bloons mod?

Brawl Stars Bloons. A mod of Bloons TD Battles, this mod features brawlers from Supercell’s bestselling game Brawl Stars. Brawlers will fight the bloons with all new Attacks, Supers, Gadgets and Star Powers with different game mechanism. Miscellaneous ; By Otheruser325

What is the BTD battle mod?

This Mod makes BTD Battles old-school and have imbalances from the flash versions of BTD1, BTD2, BTD3, BTD4 and BTD5. It also changes and buffs certain imbalances from towers from the old Bloons games with unnecessary balancing, and vice versa. You also gain 1$ per bloon you pop, just like in the retrospective Bloons TD games.