What is the best place to live in Westchester?

What is the best place to live in Westchester?

What is the best place to live in Westchester?

Best Towns in Westchester County

  • Bedford.
  • Larchmont.
  • Rye.
  • Irvington.
  • Briarcliff Manor.
  • Chappaqua.
  • Armonk.
  • Tarrytown.

What percent of Westchester is white?


Persons 65 years and over, percent  17.4%
Female persons, percent  51.5%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  73.2%

What percent of Westchester County is black?

53.1% of the county was non-Hispanic white, 16.6% Black or African American, 1.0% American Indian or Alaska Native, 6.4% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 2.5% from two or more races, and 25.1% Hispanic or Latino of any race. 25.6% of the population were foreign-born.

What is the richest part of Westchester?


  • Armonk.
  • Bronxville.
  • Chappaqua.
  • Dobbs Ferry.
  • Eastchester.
  • Harrison.
  • Hartsdale.
  • Is New Rochelle a good place to live?

    From historic homes and waterfront estates to multi-family residential complexes and high-rise apartment buildings, New Rochelle’s neighborhoods are charming, diverse and appealing. Safety and security are paramount, with the City remaining one of the top five safest among comparably-sized cities nationally.

    Where do black people live in Westchester County?

    Census data show that more than three-quarters of blacks in Westchester live in just five cities: Mount Vernon, Yonkers, White Plains, Peekskill and New Rochelle. In Rockland, just under half of blacks reside in Spring Valley, Hillcrest and Nanuet.

    Is Westchester safe?

    Westchester is a very safe suburban neighborhood to the west of downtown Los Angeles. It is near the beach and commonly has a cool ocean breeze, so the air is usually clean. Drive time is within an hour from downtown on a good day though on days with heavy traffic the commute can be terrible.

    What is the richest town in Westchester?

    What is the richest county in Westchester?

    America’s 10 Richest Counties

    • Loudoun County, Va.
    • Fairfax County, Va.
    • Hunterdon County, N.J.
    • Fairfield County, Conn.
    • Somerset County, N.J.
    • Marin County, Calif.
    • Morris County, N.J.
    • Westchester County, N.Y.

    Is Scarsdale snobby?

    SNOBBIEST TOWN: Scarsdale This tony Westchester village has just been dubbed one of the nation’s snobbiest towns, at least according to AreaVibes.com, a real estate website.

    Is Larchmont rich?

    The population of the village was 5,864 at the 2010 census. In February 2019, Bloomberg ranked Larchmont as the 15th wealthiest place in the United States, and the third wealthiest in New York.