What is the best house for purple martins?

What is the best house for purple martins?

What is the best house for purple martins?

The best birdhouses for Purple Martins

  1. Birds Choice Original 4-Floor-16 Room Purple Martin House with Round Holes.
  2. Ravenox Purple Martin Vertical Gourd Bird House.
  3. BestNest Heath 12-Room Purple Martin House & Gourds Package.

What color is best for a purple martin house?

White is the preferred color for purple martin houses. White offers maximum reflection of sunlight, which keeps the interior of the house cool so the birds can flourish and raise their young.

What kind of houses do purple martins like?

gourd houses
Purple martins are colony nesters, which means they nest in groups. Whether you choose gourd houses or an apartment-style birdhouse, offer six to 12 cavities. Purple martins are one of the only birds that will tolerate swaying birdhouses.

What month should I put up my purple martin house?

Purple martins will readily find nesting sites that are in proper locations. Nest boxes should be in place preferably in late March, but no later than April 15. Erect nest boxes on a pole at a height of 12 to 20 feet. Place boxes in open areas so that birds have access to them from all sides.

How do I attract purple martins to my yard?

How to Attract Purple Martins to Your Garden

  1. Construct housing in an open area. As wild birds, purple martins are more likely to nest in an area that isn’t too close to human housing.
  2. Install housing on a telescoping pole.
  3. Keep predators at bay.
  4. Deter other bird species.
  5. Use a little trickery.

What direction should a purple martin birdhouse face?

The good news is that purple martins aren’t picky when it comes to direction; north, south, east, and west are all fine, as long as it’s consistent. 6.

How do you attract purple martins to a new house?

How high should a purple martin house be off the ground?

The height of an installed purple martin house should be between 12–20 feet. The home should be placed at the upper end of that range if there are trees or bushes nearby, but if the area is very open then shorter homes will be just as suitable.

How do you attract purple martins to a birdhouse?

Setting your nesting box up high gives you the best chance of attracting purple martins. Anchor a telescoping pole in concrete and attach the birdhouse on top. The pole should be between ten and twenty feet tall. The telescoping feature will give you easy access in the off-season for cleaning and repairs.

How do you encourage purple martins?