What is the 50s era of consensus?

What is the 50s era of consensus?

What is the 50s era of consensus?

So when we say the 1950s was an era of consensus, one of the things we’re saying is that there wasn’t much room for debate about what it meant to be an American. Most people agreed on the American values: individualism, respect for private property, and belief in equal opportunity.

Is Crash Course US History reliable?

It’s as reliable as it can be for a 10 minute video covering the basics of some complex topics. Keep in mind that it’s aimed at kids in high school and early college.

What is the misery index crash course?

So during the 1970s, inflation soared to 10% per year and economic growth slowed to 2.4%, resulting in what came to be known as “stagflation”. Unemployment rose and a new economic statistic was born – the misery index, the combination of unemployment and inflation.

Who wrote the mystery document?

Who was the author of the MYSTERY DOCUMENT? Tecumseh.

Why are the 1950s so important?

Contents. The 1950s were a decade marked by the post-World War II boom, the dawn of the Cold War and the civil rights movement in the United States.

How was life in the 1950s?

Suburbs were free, social, friendly, and family-oriented. Many families lived close together, and there were all sorts of group social activities. There were little league teams, boy and girl scouts, and the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) at schools. Kids walked to school together and had next door best friends.

How helpful is Crash Course?

With hundreds of millions of views on our YouTube channel, Crash Course has a worldwide audience in and out of classrooms. While the show is an immensely helpful tool for students and teachers, it also has a large viewership of casual learners who seek out online educational content independently.

What is the current misery index in the United States?

US Misery Index is at a current level of 12.14, up from 11.67 last month and up from 8.620 one year ago. This is a change of 4.04% from last month and 40.87% from one year ago.

What is the current misery index in the US?

Current Misery Index 12.14%– Unemployment 3.6% + Inflation 8.54%

What is the mystery document crash course?

In place, John began a segment called the Mystery Document, in which he took advatange of the United States’ relative youth (and thus the abundance of written documents) by reading aloud a document that Stan had picked for him without his knowledge; he must then guess the author.

What innovation invigorated the practice of slavery in the South?

The cotton gin by Eli Whitney. What innovation “invigorated” the practice of slavery in the south? Noah Webster.