What is replication monitoring refresher for distribution?

What is replication monitoring refresher for distribution?

What is replication monitoring refresher for distribution?

Replication Monitoring Refresher for Distribution refreshes cached queries used by Replication Monitor, its used for all types of replication.

How do you monitor the replication?

Connect to the Publisher in Management Studio, and then expand the server node. Expand the Replication folder, and then expand the Local Publications folder. Expand the publication for the subscription you want to monitor. Right-click the subscription, and then click View Synchronization Status.

What is distribution agent in replication?

The Replication Distribution Agent is an executable that moves the snapshot (for snapshot replication and transactional replication) and the transactions held in the distribution database tables (for transactional replication) to the destination tables at the Subscribers. Parameters can be specified in any order.

What are the jobs created in transactional replication?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, when we create a transactional replication, it creates the Log reader agent job, snapshot agent job and cleanup job for expired subscriptions. To view them, expand SQL Server Agent, then expand Jobs. Once the publication is configured, configure the subscribers.

How do you know if replication is working?

To diagnose replication errors, users can run the AD status replication tool that is available on DCs or read the replication status by running repadmin /showrepl.

How can I tell if SQL Server replication is latency?

Using SQL Server Replication Monitor

  1. Expand a Publisher group in the left pane, expand a Publisher, and then click a publication.
  2. Click the Tracer Tokens tab.
  3. Click Insert Tracer.
  4. View elapsed time for the tracer token in the following columns: Publisher to Distributor, Distributor to Subscriber, Total Latency.

What is database mirroring and replication?

Mirroring refers to keeping copies of database to a geographically different location. Replication referes to creating multiple copies of data objects of a database for distribution efficiency. 2. Target. Mirroring is applicable on complete database as a whole.

How many jobs are created in replication?

Publication. The next step in a replication install is to create a publication. That creates two new jobs on the distributor and none on the publisher.

How many agents are there in replication?

Answer – There are four replication agents used in transactional replication. Here is the list of all four replication agents.

How do you check AD replication time?

How do I check my AD replication status? Running the repadmin /showrepl can help you view the replication status. If you would like an overall replication health summary, the command repadmin /replsummary should help.

How do you monitor latency in replication?