What is Noah Gray-Cabey doing now?

What is Noah Gray-Cabey doing now?

What is Noah Gray-Cabey doing now?

Following the end of Heroes, Gray-Cabey went on to pursue higher education at Harvard University. He had small appearances on Grey’s Anatomy and CSI: Miami before reprising his role of Micah in 2015’s Heroes Reborn miniseries. From 2016 to 2018, he played Dr.

Did Noah Gray-Cabey graduate from Harvard?

Noah Gray-Cabey (born November 16, 1995) is an American actor and pianist. He is known for his roles in the television series My Wife and Kids and Heroes….

Noah Gray-Cabey
Education Paraclete High School (Lancaster, California)
Alma mater Harvard University
Occupation Actor, pianist
Years active 2001–present

Was Franklin from My Wife and Kids a genius?

Franklin is a child prodigy, skilled at playing the piano, and intelligent – having attended and graduated from Harvard University before the age of 7. Also a child prodigy in real life, Gray-Cabey learned to play the piano using a toy keyboard before becoming a master of the real piano by age 4.

Did Noah Gray-Cabey really play the piano?

“After I was on, the casting director from the show My Wife and Kids called me and wanted me to be on the show for a guest appearance,” he says. “That’s actually how I got into acting.” At 13, Noah says he still plays the piano, but between acting and school he doesn’t have much time for practicing.

How old is Noah Gray-Cabey now?

26 years (November 16, 1995)Noah Gray-Cabey / Age

Why was Vanessa replaced on my wife?

Casting changes It was publicly reported that she was pulled from the series by her mother over concerns about the second season opening storyline in which Raycole (as Claire) finds her friend Charmaine (portrayed by Raven-Symoné) has become pregnant.

Who does junior get pregnant?

Jay and Vanessa got along well now, but before when Vanessa was caught in her and Michael’s bed with Junior, Jay very much disliked her. In fact after Vanessa said she was pregnant, Jay was the first one who said that Junior wasn’t the father and that she must have slept with someone else.

Why did Claire Kyle get replaced?

The change was hard for fans of the show to adjust to. In addition to the reasons why casting executives wanted a different actress in the role, there were rumors that Raycole’s mother had her removed from the show after discovering an upcoming storyline of Claire having a pregnant friend.

Does Vanessa get pregnant in My Wife and Kids?

Later in the third season finale “Graduation”, she and Junior break the news to Michael and Jay that she is pregnant, and that they are going to become teenage parents, like Michael and Jay did when they were 16; their child, a boy named Michael Richard Kyle (III) was born in “The Bicth”.