What is Nia in healthcare?

What is Nia in healthcare?

What is Nia in healthcare?

California Health & Wellness has contracted with National Imaging Associates Inc. (NIA), an affiliate of Magellan Health Services, for radiology benefit management. The program includes management of non-emergent, high-tech, outpatient radiology services through prior authorization.

How do I get NIA approval?

Simply go to the RadMD website Opens a new window, select “New User” button and complete the application form. If requesting authorization through NIA’s website and your request is pended, you will receive a tracking number, and NIA will contact you to complete the process.

What is an NIA number?

The NIA number is the Personal ID Number on the Ghana Card. What this means is that your NIA number will become your SSNIT number after the merger.

What does NIA Magellan do?

NIA Magellan will manage non-emergent outpatient radiology services through Health Republic s contractual relationships. WHICH MEDICAL PROVIDERS ARE AFFECTED? Which medical providers are affected by the outpatient imaging program? Any provider who orders or performs advanced imaging procedures in an outpatient setting.

What is a rendering provider?

The Rendering Provider is the person or company (laboratory or other facility) who rendered the care. In the case where a substitute provider (locum tenens) was used, enter that provider’s information here. Future Versions of 837P. The Rendering Provider is the individual who provided the care.

What is RadMD?

Welcome to RadMD.com RadMD is a user-friendly, real-time tool offered by Magellan Healthcare that provides ordering and rendering providers with instant access to prior authorization requests for specialty procedures.

How do I find out my Nia number?

What happens if I lose my Ghana Card and can’t remember my NIA Number? Published on 27 June, 2021. Kindly visit the nearest NIA office to request for your NIA Number (Personal ID Number on your Ghana Card) and card replacement.

What is Nia card?

The National Identification Authority (NIA) was set up in 2003 under the Office of the President with the mandate to issue national ID cards and manage the National Identification System (NIS). This resulted in the passing of the NIA Act, 2006 (Act 707) to give it the necessary legal premises on which to operate.

Can billing NPI and rendering NPI be the same?

Rendering NPI is the same as the Billing NPI The receiver of the claim (e.g. the payer) is then to assume that the rendering provider is the same as the billing provider. Errors can occur when you supply a type 2 (organizational NPI) as the rendering providers NPI.

Can billing and rendering provider be the same?

o Rendering providers must be an individual provider and should be billed with the individual NPI and taxonomy. o The referring provider should not be the same as the rendering provider.

Where do I get my Ghana Card?

All eligible foreign nationals will first purchase a scratch card called the FIMS scratch card at NIA Premium Lounge Centre or any CAL Bank branch. Download application form and fill before proceeding to purchase a scratch card.

How do I link my Ghana Card to NHIS?

How to link your NHIS to NIA Ghana card

  1. Dial *929#
  2. Select option 4 (link NIA Ghana Card)
  3. Enter the 13 digits Ghana Card PIN – “GHA –XXXXXXXXX-X”
  4. Press send.
  5. Enter the 8 digits NHIS membership number.
  6. Press Send.
  7. Wait for confirmation message.