What is Jescar metal?

What is Jescar metal?

What is Jescar metal?

Jescar stainless steel fretwire is the hardest fret wire you can get. Jescar fretwire is used by many of the top guitar manufactures and highly regarded repair shops. You can’t go wrong using Jescar fret wire on you next guitar or bass refret.

Why are 6105 frets so popular?

The 6105 is a tall fret (almost as tall as the 6000 size) but quite a bit narrower in width. These are great for getting the added pluses of string bendability and a thicker, meatier sound too. Guitarists that do a lot of bending, such as blues and fusion players, should definitely check out these bigger options.

What fret size is medium jumbo?

As the name suggests, medium jumbo frets have dimensions that sit somewhere between modern narrow and tall frets, and jumbo frets. They have a width of . 106″ and a height of . 036″.

Why are tall frets so narrow?

Ease of bending is also enhanced by taller frets, whether wide or narrow. Narrow frets shouldn’t be too hard to bend on, unless they are badly worn down, and they also leave a little more finger room on the fretboard – particularly in the higher positions – which might suit some players better.

What fret material is best?

Nickel silver alloy has been the most common material used in guitar (and other stringed instruments) frets for a really long time. It’s a tried and true material that conforms to the fretboard well and rejects skin oils. Due to it’s ability to reject oil, it resists tarnish and generally lasts a long time.

What size are vintage frets?

Standard Nickel/Silver Fret Wire

Size Number Width X Height Description
6105 .094″ X .054″ Narrow Tall. Used on a number of signature models, and a good choice when vintage frets feel too small.
6100 .110″ X .055″ “Super Jumbo”. This stuff is really huge.

Are tall frets easier?

In fact if you are a very physical guitar player, then you might be better off looking at jumbo frets. Like modern narrow and tall frets, the height of jumbo frets makes string bending and fretting easier.

How long do frets on a guitar last?

And how long do guitar frets usually last? It depends on the fret material, frequency of your playing and the style of your playing. Taking all these factors in account, guitar frets life can range from a few years to even 20-30 years.

What are SS frets?

Stainless steel frets are harder and wear down slowly, meaning that you’ll rarely (if ever) need to refret your guitar. SS frets have and maintain a smoother surface than their NS counterparts due to the hardness of the material. Bends and slides are easier, smoother, and more consistent.

What are the different fret sizes?

Different fret sizes

  • 6230 – Vintage frets. The smallest fret wire that you are likely to encounter is 6230 fret wire.
  • 6105 – Modern narrow and tall. Compared with vintage instruments, most modern guitars have frets that are both wider and taller.
  • 6150 – Vintage jumbo.
  • 6100 – Jumbo.
  • 6130 – Medium Jumbo.