What is duplex paperboard?

What is duplex paperboard?

What is duplex paperboard?

Duplex board, which is also known as Grey back or White back duplex boards, is a form of paperboard or cardboard with a double-sided grey or white color. Since it is made up of two layers, or plies, it is referred to as duplex board. Duplex board has a shiny coat finish on one side for superior printability.

Is duplex board waterproof?

DUPLEX BOARD – This is used for containers and can contain liquids as it may have a water-proof liner on the inside. It can have a wax feel. This type of card is used by the food industry and consequently recycled card is not used in its manufacture.

What is duplex board commonly used for?

Different from corrugated fiberboard, coated duplex cardboard is sturdy and thin, more water-resistant, customarily used to make boxes for a variety of small goods that require high-quality printability. Such as Agarbatti boxes, pharmaceutical packaging, paper plates, cigarette packs, and various packaging products.

What is duplex board grey back?

Grey Back Duplex Board is a kind of Paperboard with one side Coated white and Smooth and the other side with grey color on the back.. The main Component is Waste paper and waste Newspaper, Wood pulp and Chemical Materials.

Are duplex boards strong?

Due to the “virgin” fibres, it is both the strongest type of paper and also the easiest to print on. As a result, it is the most commonly used outside liner when selecting material to produce corrugated boxes and packaging. Test paper is actually a double layered (or duplex) paper.

What is FBB paper?

Folding boxboard, also referred to as FBB or by the DIN Standard 19303 codes of GC or UC, is a paperboard grade made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp. This grade is made up of mechanical pulp in between two layers of chemical pulp.

How many layers does a duplex board have?

two layers
Duplex board paper consists of two layers, each layer made from virgin or recycled paper pulp. They are commonly used in consumer packaging sectors and for industrial packaging.

What is white back board?

White back duplex is the premium duplex paper board which made of high graded recycled pulp and best quality surface treatment. As the term stated white back duplex paper the visible layers are made of white virgin waste.

What is bleached card?

Bleached card. White due to the bleaching process it receives. Strong and can be easily printed onto, often used on book covers and packaging for make-up. Corrugated card.

What is the difference between FBB and SBS board?

The difference between boards is very basic. SBS can be single or multi-ply board, but is comprised of 100-percent chemical pulp. FBB always is multi-ply and utilizes a combination of chemical and some form of MP (Mechanical Pulp) or TMP (Thermo Mechanical Pulp).

What’s the difference between boxboard and cardboard?

Cardboard is ribbed & has a honeycombed pattern of air pockets when viewed from the side, boxboard is usually thinner, and has no honeycombed air pockets or ribs.

What GSM is cardboard?

The higher number of GSM means heavier cardboard material. Although you will find packaging cardboard starting from 200GSM but My Box Printing offers cardboard boxes ranging from 250GSM to 1000GSM to ensure the higher quality packaging boxes to fulfil all of your packaging needs.