What is an example of a conditioned motivating operation?

What is an example of a conditioned motivating operation?

What is an example of a conditioned motivating operation?

A conditioned motivating operation is when an item or an event has been trained to have a reinforcing value due to previously learning the association (Cooper, et.al, 2007, p. 384). An example of a CMO would be needing a car key to turn on a car.

Which of the following is an example of a reflexive conditioned motivating operation?

Conditioned Motivating Operation Reflexive (CMO-R) Definition: A condition or object that signals a worsening or improving of conditions. Example in everyday context: You start to feel tightness in your left eye (worsening condition), which you know from experience will lead to a blinding migraine in 15 minutes.

What is an example of a CMO T?

The best example of CMO-T are the conditions we find ourselves in when we ask for help or engage in problem solving behaviours. Michael (1982) used the example of the electrician and his apprentice working away. The electrician goes to use a screwdriver but it does not fit.

What is surrogate conditioned motivating operation?

This is when a stimulus that was previously neutral (meant nothing to you) is paired with another motivating operation and now that stimulus itself creates an MO for the person. In the past when you had to go to the bathroom and you saw a restroom sign you were able to go to the bathroom.

What is an example of an MO?

Most importantly, a MO affects how strongly the person is reinforced or punished by the consequences of their behavior. For example, food deprivation is a motivating operation; if a person is hungry, food is strongly reinforcing, but if a person is satiated, food is less reinforcing.

What is an example of Mo in ABA?

Here are a few more examples of M.O.- “Fluid Loading” (providing free, unlimited, highly preferred fluids to drink) a child during potty training, to increase the likelihood they will have to urinate. Removing Skittles as a reinforcer because you notice the child just plays with the candy and doesn’t eat it.

How do MOs work with punishers?

If a stimulus is a punisher because of its relation to a reduced availability of a reinforcer, then the MO for that reinforcer is the MO for the punisher. Thus the MO for food removal as a punisher is food deprivation.

What is a surrogate CMO?

A surrogate CMO (CMO-S) is a previously neutral stimulus that, following temporal association with a UMO or other CMO, independently alters the effectiveness of other stimuli as reinforcers or punishers and alters the probability of associated behaviors.

How do Mos work with punishers?

What is an example of a surrogate CMO?

CMO-S (SURROGATE) Example: Mom usually puts baby to sleep. One day, dad tried to put the baby to sleep, but the baby doesn’t fall asleep. Mom usually wears a certain fuzzy house robe that the baby has paired with sleep.

What is the difference between an MO and an EO?

The term MO is an umbrella term for EO (establishing operations) and AO (abolishing operations); where EO increases the consequence’s effect (or need for) and AO decreases the consequence’s effect (i.e., reduces need for).

What is an example of Mo?