What is a strategic end state?

What is a strategic end state?

What is a strategic end state?

An end state is the set of required conditions that achieve the strategic objectives. There may be a preliminary end state-described by a set of military conditions- when military force is no longer the principal means to the strategic aim. ..

What is a military Endstate?

End-State – The objective of the task in form of a representation of the desired outcome. The desired outcome is described as a state, e.g. completion of a task, the effects from tasks, or even the execution of tasks over time. The purpose is to provide a picture of the End-State.

What was the main objective of Operation Desert Storm?

Desert Storm had two key objectives: remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait and ensure Iraq would not emerge as a regional superpower for the next ten years. Even if the region remains unstable to this day, America’s most important security objectives were advanced.

What is the major difference between strategic and operational environment?

Strategic planning considers both the external and the internal business environment to develop a roadmap for future growth. Operational planning considers only the internal environment within an organization for effective utilization of resources to achieve strategic goals.

What is an end state?

end state ​Definitions and Synonyms ​noun. DEFINITIONS1. 1. the situation reached at the end of a process; the final outcome.

How do you create an end state?

How to build a Roadmap – Define End State

  1. Develop a clear and unambiguous understanding of the current state.
  2. Define the desired end state.
  3. Conduct a Gap Analysis exercise.
  4. Prioritize the findings from the Gap Analysis exercise into a series of gap closure strategies.

How many Iraqi soldiers were killed in Desert Storm?

Independent analysts generally agree the Iraqi death toll was well below initial post-war estimates. In the immediate aftermath of the war, these estimates ranged as high as 100,000 Iraqi troops killed and 300,000 wounded. According to “Gulf War Air Power Survey” by Thomas A. Keaney and Eliot A.

What are the three things used to differ strategic planning vs operational planning?

Strategic Plans are made to achieve the vision, mission, goals, and objectives. On the other hand, Operational Plans are made to effectively perform the basic activities of the business in order to achieve tactical objectives.