What headsets works with Cisco phones?

What headsets works with Cisco phones?

What headsets works with Cisco phones?

Cisco 6900 7800 7900 8900, 9900 Series Wireless/Corded Headset

Corded Headsets Wireless Headsets
Cisco Phone Model Plantronics Headsets Jabra Pro 9400 Series or Jabra Go 6470 Series, Motion Office UC
6851 Cisco IP Headset Jabra Link-43
6945 Cisco IP Headset Jabra Link-43
7821 Cisco IP Headset Jabra Link-43

Is Plantronics headset compatible with Cisco phone?

Plantronics has a wide variety of products made exclusively for Cisco IP phones. Most Cisco IP phones have a dedicated headset port built-in which you can plug a headset directly into. Please see our Direct connect Cisco headset page for the latest headsets recommended for your Cisco phone.

How do I enable headset Hookswitch control on my Cisco phone?

Access the server administrator with a browser. Select Device > Phone through the drop down menus. Open the desired phone. Scroll down to “Wireless Headset Hookswitch Control”, set to “Enabled”, Click “Apply”.

Is Plantronics CS540 compatible with Cisco phones?

The Plantronics CS540-CIS is compatible with all Cisco IP phones.

How do I pair my Plantronics Bluetooth headset to my Cisco phone?

How to Install Plantronics Wireless Headsets with Cisco Phones

  1. Install the handset of the phone into the Plantronics Telephone Interface Cable.
  2. Install the headset base unit into the handset port of the phone. Leave the “headset port” empty.
  3. Answer/End calls by pressing the call control button on the headset.

Is Jabra compatible with Cisco?

Get The Best Headset for your Cisco Softphone Jabra has achieved that status of Cisco Preferred Solution Partner – the highest level of partner achievements. That’s why Jabra headsets are fully compatible with Cisco phones.

Can I use a Bluetooth headset with Cisco Jabber?

Yes. You would add this to Windows/MacOS as a Bluetooth device first. Then you will be able to have Cisco Jabber leverage the headset.