What happened to Timothy Ray Jones Jr?

What happened to Timothy Ray Jones Jr?

What happened to Timothy Ray Jones Jr?

Timothy Ray Jones, Jr. was convicted in 2019 of murder in the deaths of his five children in August 2014. A Lexington County jury unanimously said he should be sentenced to death in the case. Judge Eugene Griffith formally handed down the death sentence on Nov.

Who is Timothy Jones Jr wife?

Amber KyzerTimothy Ray Jones Jr. / Wife (m. 2004–2013)

What did Timothy Jones Jr do to Nathan?

Jones first killed 6-year-old son Nathan in a “white-hot rage” after the boy confessed on the phone to his mother — but not to his father — to breaking an electrical outlet.

Who is Tim Jones?

Timothy Stuart Jones (born 1971) is an American composer and musician. Jones has composed scores for film and television. Jones is perhaps best known as the composer for five seasons (91 episodes) of Chuck on NBC.

How old were Timothy Jones Jr kids?

He is charged with killing his five children: Merah, Elias, 7; Nahtahn, 6, Gabriel, 2 and Abigail Elaine, 1.

Did Tim Jones Jr get the death penalty?

On June 13, 2019, a Lexington County jury took just one hour and 45 minutes to decide that Jones deserved the death penalty rather than life in prison. That came after an eight-day long sentencing phase of the trial, which itself following a three week-long murder trial.

How Timothy Jones Jr killed his children?

Then, Jones said he strangled the other four, using a belt to kill the youngest two last because their necks were too small. As he choked Merah, 8, to death, her last words were, “Daddy, I love you.”

How did Timothy Jones Jr have custody?

The two came to an understanding/arrangement where Tim had primary custody — financially he was the best provider, while she was getting on her feet, but she did not give up her parental rights. She couldn’t afford lawyer, so she agreed to joint custody with Tim having physical custody of the five children.

What did timothy Jones jr do to children?

Nahtahn Jones
Merah JonesElias JonesGabriel JonesElaine Marie Jones
Timothy Ray Jones Jr./Children

When was the last person executed in South Carolina?

May 2011
South Carolina is one of four states — Mississippi, Oklahoma and Utah are the others — where execution by firing squad is legal. Jeffrey Motts was the last person executed in the state, having died by lethal injection in May 2011. The last death by electrocution was in June 2008 when James Reed was executed.

When was Tom Jones born?

June 7, 1940 (age 81 years)Tom Jones / Date of birth

Tom Jones, in full Sir Tom Jones, original name Thomas John Woodward, (born June 7, 1940, Pontypridd, Wales), Welsh-born singer with broad musical appeal who first came to fame as a sex symbol with a fantastic voice and raucous stage presence.

Who is Timothy Ray Jones Jr?

Timothy Ray Jones Jr., who faces the death penalty, “showed no reaction” when the jury delivered its five guilty murder verdicts Timothy Ray Jones Jr., a South Carolina dad charged with murdering his five children and then driving around with their bodies in his SUV for a week, was found guilty on Tuesday.

What did Johnny Hyder say about Tim Jones and his children?

Johnny Hyder said the children were often dressed in dirty clothes and were seen home at all hours of the day because Tim Jones had said he didn’t believe in the public schools. Hyder said Jones was constantly looking for a reason to argue and often threatened to call the police.

What happened to Michael Jones and his five children?

Jones and his five children – aged eight, seven, six, two and one years old – disappeared two weeks ago, but no one called police for days.

How did Aaron Jones get custody of his children?

Following a contentious break-up, Jones, a college-educated computer software engineer, ended up with custody of all five children — three boys and two girls. Prosecutors say he killed his son Nahtahn, 6, by exercising him to death after the boy broke an electrical outlet in their mobile home on Aug. 28, 2014.